Google is going to be engaged in the development of smart watches

    Google Corporation has a lot of different projects, both purely software and "iron". It seems that the company has conceived to add the production of smart watches to the list of its businesses. It already has a direct relationship to this industry, since the vast majority of smart watches from different manufacturers work on the basis of Android Wear. But this, it seems, is not enough.

    Recently, the company published a vacancy for the vice president for the wearable device division ("Vice President, Hardware Engineering, Wearables"). The vacancy was available at this link, it has now been closed. The specialist you were looking for was responsible for the design, development, and shipping of all the wearable devices of the company.

    The vacancy itself would not mean anything, but recently the corporation acquired Fossil from the smartwatch unit, so there is clearly a connection here. Google would hardly have bought a multi-million dollar business if it were not going to develop it.

    Wearable devices are what the company does not yet have. Yes, Google produces smartphones, laptops, smart speakers, routers, VR devices and everything else. But there are no wearable gadgets. At the moment, the only system produced by the corporation and which can be called wearable is Google Glass, which has never left the testing stage.

    Most likely, technologies acquired by Google from Fossil are the missing part of the wearable device business. The software base is, this is the wearable Wear OS operating system already mentioned above. It works on Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, Motorola, Fossil and Asus smart watches.

    But there is one problem. The fact is that the hardware of the smart watches of most manufacturers depends on Qualcomm. But she just does not want to invest money and power in the creation of a modern chip for smart watches. In any case, such that could compete with the hardware basis from Apple or Samsung. “Snapdragon Wear” is the same chip in the new “packaging”.

    But such chips are based on the technical process of 2013, so that smart watches from any manufacturer other than Apple or Samsung, which are themselves masters, cannot be particularly productive. It is "iron" - the narrow neck of most modern watches. No matter how you optimize the software, but if the chip is not particularly productive, there will be no performance gain.

    Google Vice President of Wearables will have to solve this problem. He will have assistants, the corporation has published another post, which is called " Wearables Design Manager . By the way, now this vacancy is already closed - perhaps the company has found the necessary specialist who will be responsible for developing smart devices Google."

    It is worth noting that the deal with Fossil cost the corporation $ 40 million. This is, of course, not billions, but still very solid. The executive vice president of Fossil said that his company has created a modern technology that has great potential - it will provide an opportunity to improve existing smart watch platforms. And Google will now deal with this improvement.

    The fact that Google plans to enter the market of smart watches (and then other wearable devices), experts said for a long time. Analysts even have the name of such a watch line ready - this is Pixel (in fact, there is no need to be a rocket scientist to make such an assumption).

    Now it only remains to wait a bit to see if the assumption is correct, or if Google needed Fossil for something else. But it would be desirable to look at smart watches from Google, even very much.

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