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imageMay holidays are a good time to learn something. So I decided to look through all the articles from the GTD hub . In view of my great interest in this topic, earlier I already got acquainted with various materials on personal effectiveness, including reading books in my spare time: Stephen Covey, “The Seven Skills of Highly Effective People,” Peter Bregman, “Four Seconds Rule: Stop. Think about it. Do it, Daniel Kahneman “Think slowly ... decide fast”, Daniel Goleman “Focus. About attention, distraction and life success. ”

And what did I learn by looking at such a large amount of information, stopping at the most interesting? What is there in history from 2007 to 2017 on 150 pages? But nothing (almost).

This, of course, is my personal feeling, and it does not offend any of the authors who have put various kinds of work into writing their articles.

No, the truth is, the larger the page number, the less time I spent on another article. At some point, the sequel simply became apparent and the material was closed. 5 ways, 10 ways, super ability, priorities, frogs, tomatoes - and so on everywhere.

But still, if not to be so categorical, I learned some points. For example, recommendations on how to be more productive:

  1. It is necessary to procrastinate less.
  2. Need more procrastinate.

- About procrastination is popular, or Hollywood versus laziness
- Matrix of procrastination (putting things off for later)
- Procrastination in creative personalities
- Improving personal effectiveness: tips from Marc Andreessen
- Targetless surfing increases labor productivity

No, really, to be effective you need to work more and work less. Personally, I feel uneasy when I do nothing, but after trying one weekend to do nothing, a lot of interesting thoughts and ideas came to me, and some things were somehow fulfilled by themselves without my participation. It was an interesting experience.

Many times the action that I used before was described:

  • Write it down.

- Take notes. Oh please!
- GTD in 2 minutes
- Love and hate for time management

This really works. You can write anywhere, either on a piece of paper in a notebook, or, for example, on a Wunderlist (ideas, tasks, comments on them, movies to watch — anything). The key is to make it convenient and always at hand. After the census of thoughts, you can relax your head and not keep everything in it, you will forget it anyway. And setting dates and reminders will help you to always stay on the wave. From my own experience I’ll say that at first it’s hard, but over time it becomes a habit.

Thank you for that, it’s trusted for the material about using OneNote as a tool for GTD (OneNote 2013, or How to put things in order ). Using this approach at work, I really felt relieved. Considering that I work part-time, the time to restore the status of all tasks and their key points in my head was reduced many times.

GTN processing algorithm in OneNote, presented in the article

Some of the materials were devoted to interaction with people. Here we can note an idea that works without exception:

  • More communication. Take an interest in how your interlocutor is doing, show (or pretend) attention. This will attract more people. You can share your problems (but do not get involved in this), maybe it will help.

- Secrets of communicating for introverts
- 5 ways to communicate with the people you are trying to suppress the turning points in life
- About harm of silence

Article Influence of ambient-music in the process of writing code opened Ambient music style for me (and the comments - website Internet radio ). By the way, more than half of the articles were read under his playing in the background.

Oh yes, and the most important tip:

  • Divide large tasks into smaller ones, it is much easier.

- How to make yourself work?
- Task management in MLO
- Procrastination. New tasks

However, as for me, what they did, what they did not, if you don’t want to, you won’t do it.

That's all. It remains only to believe in the words of Elon Mask: “Dream. Dreams Come True. And I do not know why".

But for those who have reached the end, I will still share the secret that I managed to find:

- How to increase my productivity several times?

PS. By the way, an interesting remark, previously various polls were often published without any accompanying material. But for some reason this is all over.

- How did you solve the housing problem% username%?
Do you print blindly?”
- How long does a trip to work (one way) usually take?

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