IOS, Android, and Mac apps for developers

In this article, we will present the diverse functional tools of the developer, available on official markets for iOS, Android and Mac, which are able to make life easier for both novice coders and more experienced developers. Perhaps you will find in our list an interesting utility that you have not heard about for any reason, and you will find it to use.


CodeHub is a convenient way to monitor your projects on GitHub, view information on them, create repositories and make changes in the code editor. The application supports the services of and GitHub Enterprise (PRO version), allows you to switch between profiles, upload images from your phone, leave comments and much more. To improve visual perception, syntaxis highlighting is implemented.

This is an open source project, the source of which can be found here .

A project from Google - Fabric - allows you to monitor your application directly through the phone: you will receive alerts about crashes, as well as detailed analytical data about active users in real time, to always be in the know. If a problem occurs, you will be sent a push notification that reports problems.

With this product, you can also get information about the possible causes of failures, statistics on the use of OS versions and many other useful data. Fabric, of course, is available for download on the Google Play market .

CppCode is a secure C and C ++ compiler with built-in libc and libc ++ that do not require third-party libraries. The application also has intelligent syntax highlighting, a built-in file navigator, and C / C ++ code examples. If an error occurs while writing the code, the application will notify the user about this, which is very convenient for those who use the product for training. It is worth noting that CppCode works offline.

Recommended by Apple, Code Viewer is one of the best code reading apps. The application supports more than 60 programming languages, such as Swift, C, C ++, JS, ObjC, C #, HTML, XML, Java, Python, Ruby and others. And with the help of Code Viewer it is easy to add new code or a new file directly from the Safari browser or from another application.

The InVision application is suitable for organizing collaboration on design projects, allowing the user to track the status of the project and discuss working issues with colleagues. Application developers offer you offline support for all prototypes, convenient dialogs for commenting on projects, quick user testing and other equally useful functions.


CppDroid - C / C ++ IDE - Android development environment , inside of which you can compile C or C ++ code, conduct real-time diagnostics, and learn programming in these languages ​​using a detailed guide. The application has custom syntax highlighting, which makes using functions and learning the language as efficient as possible.

Mobile C (C / C ++ Compiler) is a code editor especially useful for beginner coders. The application supports C, C ++, Python, Javascript, Lua, contains the standard C library, and also offers C / C ++ syntax diagnostics.

The Anacode IDE Android / C / C ++ / JAVA application allows you to create Android, C / C ++ and Java projects offline and without a computer. This is an integrated development environment and source code editor for JAVA, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and C / C ++ files, which allows you to quickly and easily write and edit code on your mobile device.

Dcoder, Mobile Compiler IDE is a pretty lively syntax-highlighted code compiler that works with over 25 programming languages. With it, you can write a program, debug code, and also replenish your knowledge of a particular language by doing coding in any place convenient for you.

Show Java is a decompiler that extracts the source code from an Android application (including XML files and images) and also provides comments for each decompiled source file. The application is notable for its ease of use and high speed of operations on all Android devices (except for devices with single-core processors); able to work in the background.

Mac OS X

A versatile CodeBox code snippet manager with an intuitive user interface for developers and designers. The application provides management of fragment libraries using tags, folders, groups, smart groups, allows you to edit, copy or paste fragments into the active application directly from the menu bar.

SnippetsLab is another Mac fragment manager for more efficient and faster code handling and easier access to it. The application is supported by iCloud, which makes it possible to synchronize the database on several of your devices. Import from CodeBox library files is also performed.

Sketchode 2 is a collaboration tool between a designer and a developer, created specifically for quick access to elements of a design project. Search for elements is possible by colors, text styles and images; the developer receives detailed information about each of them. Unloading projects is carried out, inter alia, using the Jira service.

iHexe is an intelligent Hex editor that displays general file information. Its big plus is the ability to work with bulky files up to 118 GB in size, while the speed does not decrease and the device’s memory is not clogged.

The Toad toolkit simplifies database management, which will be useful for OS X developers. The utility connects to Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB databases, providing the user with platform support.

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