The first good light with Aliexpress

    Almost all the LED lamps that can be bought on Aliexpress are very bad: many have an unacceptable ripple of light, a low color rendering index, often the real power and luminous flux is five times less than promised. I was already sure that Ali had no good lamps at all, but there was an exception.

    Last year I tested 13 different bulbs from Aliexpress, the links to which were sent by readers and visitors to the Lamptest site. Alas, I could not name any of the lamps that people thought were good. The only light bulb that did not have a ripple and had a CRI (Ra) greater than 80 had a power that was five times less than promised.

    Recently I wrote to Sergei Zeldinov, who said that he had found a good light bulb with G9 socket on Ali. The seller directly in the name of the product writes "without pulsation (no flicker)", says CRI (Ra)> 80 color rendition index (in another place> 85), indicates a luminous flux of 690 lm (in another place it says 600-700 lm) and claims that the lamp replaces a 70 watt halogen lamp.

    I bought it and tested it with accurate laboratory equipment.

    The luminous flux, color temperature and color rendering index were measured using a two-meter integrating sphere and a Instrument Systems CAS 140 CT spectrometer , the power consumption of a GW Instek GPM-8212 instrument, a pulsation level with a Uprtek MK350D instrument . The minimum operating voltage was measured using the device Lamptest-1 , Stab stabilizer Insta 500 and LATRA Suntek TDGC2-0.5. Before measurements to stabilize the parameters of the lamp warmed for half an hour.

    The result of my measurements:

    There is really no pulsation in the lamp, the CRI (Ra) color rendering index is about 81. This is good - such a lamp can be used in residential premises and its light is safe for the eyes.

    With the power and luminous flux the seller lied almost a third. The actual lamp power 4.7 W (promised 6 W), the luminous flux of 502 lm (promised 690 lm). It certainly doesn’t replace the 70-watt halogen lamp, but the 50-watt one completely.

    The lamp can be used with switches that have an indicator (does not light or flash when the switch is turned off).

    The driver of the lamp is linear - the brightness changes depending on the voltage of the network. Relative to the nominal brightness at a voltage of 230 V, the brightness drops by 5% when the supply voltage drops to 203 V.

    There are four LEDs at the end of the lamp.

    Thanks to these LEDs, the lamp shines a little forward, even though the main distribution of the light flux falls on the sides.

    If you know in advance that this bulb gives 500 lm (and you now know), it can be considered good, since it has a high quality light.

    The lamp costs $ 2.27 (~ 150 rubles) with free shipping. One cannot count on any guarantee, so it remains only to hope that it will work for a long time.

    It is important to understand that in such cases many G9 lamps are produced and not all of them are good. As an example, I will give the Era LED JCD-9W-CER-827-G9 light bulb with 100% ripple and CRI (Ra) 73.8, which you shouldn’t buy.

    By testing bad light bulbs ( ), good CRI tapes ( ) and this lamp I can conclude that you can buy only those light sources on Aliexpress the descriptions of which clearly indicate that they are without pulsation (No Flicker), a CRI (Ra) value of at least 80 is given, and the luminous flux is indicated in lumens (lm, lm). All other lamps (including from the same seller) should not be bought.

    PS This lamp on the site Lamptest: (link to Ali is there).

    © 2018, Alexey Nadyozhin

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