New tools for organizing effective teamwork

Resources that offer fresh solutions in the field of development are widely represented on the Internet, and you can easily find sites where practical advice and recommendations are given to both beginners and more experienced developers. But another thing is to find materials that are useful to you as a team player, that is, helping to build work directly within the team. We have selected several new resources for organizing productive teamwork.

Ryan Heybourn, creator of the Scrum platform, says that he borrowed the term Scrum from rugby - this is an element of the game, a phase in which players wrap their arms around each other, lining up in several rows. According to Ryan, this term reflects the concept of the product he created - a platform for developers, where they could launch projects and work together on them. Thus, Scrum has become a community in which developers can share their best practices with each other, whether it be third-party weekend projects or updating existing ones. Starting a new project is easy - just click the button at the top of the page and set the time frame; following the development of the project is also very convenient - you just need to unsubscribe about the progress on Twitter, marking posts with the hashtag #scrum. The site provides round-the-clock support for participants,

The next useful resource for developers to work together is Increment , an online publication that discusses various aspects of the development process with real-life cases. According to the creators, this resource was created in order to give readers an idea of ​​how truly effective teams work and interact. Each of the issues is devoted to a detailed, polyphonic discussion of a separate topic, in which authoritative figures from the corresponding sphere take part. The first issue, published this spring, looks promising: the general topic of on-call services, analytics from the editorial staff and interviews with experts, opinions from representatives of companies such as Dropbox, Pinterest, Google, GitHub.

Paste is a visual solution for teams using Slack. This popular corporate messenger can be improved with a convenient solution from FiftyThree for teams who need to monitor the progress of their projects not only in the form of text and numerical data, but also clearly. The organization of work in the form of visual grids allows participants within the team to interact with each other in real time, simply by dragging and dropping elements inside the grid.

The Paste tool is optimal for organizing and analyzing teamwork, as well as for sharing the results of promotion with your colleagues in the Slack service. You can use the free trial version of the product for 60 days, after this period the service will cost $ 30 per month for a team of five people.

CodeTracer is a new code checking platform. With CoderTracer, you can work on code review and improvement with colleagues. This is a community of developers, created not only to test their own code, but also for self-education by studying and analyzing the code of more experienced users. Thus, the resource is designed for developers with different levels of knowledge and skills. CodeTracer provides close interaction within the community and, most likely, not one of your pressing questions will go unanswered. After free registration on the site, you can receive comments on each line of your code, as well as participate in discussions and help others.

Finally, let us draw your attention to Siftery - a resource that offers readers to get acquainted with the stories and tools of various companies in such areas as marketing, sales, development, design, analytics, finance, productivity and HR. For example, if you open the Developer tab, you can find there well-known services for hosting projects and their joint development, such as GitHub, development environments such as Sublime Text, etc., as well as other, less sensational tools for optimizing the process development. Siftery is a rich source of information about what software various companies use for their needs. It is worth noting that the list of products inside the resource is constantly updated and you can always find there something useful for yourself.

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