Corporate time trouble

    The atmosphere at the training after dinner always resembled a beach seal. In ordinary life, when everyone regulated the amount of food eaten, such gluttony did not happen. And here, when both the first and second, and the compote will be served to you ... And there is no point in refusing - everything is paid for.

    People settled on armchairs and sofas along the walls, someone was nodding, someone was picking on the phone, some were having a lazy conversation, even smokers were here - too lazy to trudge outside. There was still about fifteen minutes left before the end of dinner.

    Suddenly, the door opened abruptly, and entered — or rather, ran in — an excited, slightly pale owner. It is impossible to say that there was no face on it - it was present, but the view immediately drove off the afternoon nap from those present.

    - Colleagues, trouble! - out of breath, blurted out the owner. - Urgent all in the hall!

    No one argued - they silently moved to the chairs. Following Kurchatov, Olga entered the hall, conducting the first half of the training. Realizing that now it is not up to her, she went into a corner, on one of the cozy sofas, sat down and began to observe what was happening with interest.

    - I just called Appolinariy Gerhardovich. - began Kurchatov, when everyone sat down in chairs.

    - Who? - quietly asked Sergey Garayev, the new director.

    - Right now they will say ... - Sergey whispered.

    - For those who do not know ... - squinting at Garayev, the owner continued. - This is our person, who occupies a very high position in the procurement unit of our key client. It is no secret that it is Appppolinaria Gerhardovich who provides ... More precisely, he provided us with 75% of the sales volume. So, he was fired.

    Whispers, oohs, ahs swept through the hall, a word was heard from several ends, ending in "dec" ("well done"?). The owner endured a theatrical pause - or maybe he just decided to finally catch his breath and calm down.

    - And we have no other contacts? - Garayev asked timidly.

    - Yes, but they do not solve anything. - the owner replied gloomily. - Everything was decided by Appolinary.

    - And for what it?

    - I don’t know for sure, but there some unpleasant story happened ... Roughly speaking, he was fired, and not carried out with honors. Apparently, now they will dig his case, and we have nothing more to do there. Actually, this is a problem.

    - What's the problem? - began Garayev. - More precisely, I understand what the problem is ... How to explain ...

    - Yes, say, do not hesitate. - supported the owner. - The situation is fire, not to rituals.

    - I understand that the situation is unsolvable? - convulsively swallowing air, said Garayev. - The loss of 75% of sales is equivalent to the loss of the company. Need an exit strategy.

    - Strategy of what? - Kurchatov asked, his head slightly squinted and squinting.

    - Exit. Urgent staff cuts, sales of liquid equipment, remnants of finished products and materials, liquidation ...

    - Woah-ou-wo. - Kurchatov waved his hands. - I see, Nikolai, that you are a great specialist in crisis management (here Garayev smiled rather), or more precisely, on crisis liquidation. We will always have time to discuss this plan. Now we are talking about something else - how can you adequately, without loss of personnel and assets, get out of this situation?

    “Well, if you want to play these games ...” Garayev shrugged. - It seems to me a waste of time.

    - OK I understood. - Kurchatov smiled unkindly. - You will stay, take part?

    - Yes of course. - nodded Garayev.

    - Wonderful. - Kurchatov clapped his hands, as if summing up a little discussion. - So, friends. We need strategy and tactics, and moreover, it is extremely urgent, today, now. I am very happy - if you can be happy in such a situation at all - that we are all gathered here together, and we will not have to waste time preparing the meeting. First, we need ideas, plans and activities for the coming days that will allow us to stay afloat. Shipment to the key client will no longer be, even this month. We urgently need money, any sources, any sales, any customers - old, new, lost. Think, look, right now.
    Some movement began in the hall. People got their phones, notebooks, laptops, demonstrating their readiness to participate in the rescue of a drowning company.

    - Yes, colleagues. - continued the owner. - Tactics, I am sure, we will come up with. But we also need a strategy. Tactics will tell us what to do today, tomorrow and in a week. The strategy will tell us what to do in a month, a year, and ten. Well, I hope so.

    - So we have a strategy. - Sergey shouted. - I saw, hanging near the toilet, such a beautiful, framed.

    Marina, who was sitting next to him, prodded Sergei with her elbow to the side.

    - Sergei. - the owner sighed. - I am very glad that you keep your presence of mind and sense of humor in the face of a serious challenge. And I understand perfectly well that this situation is not at all terrible to you, because you will leave our company in a week. For payment do not worry, in which case I am ready to repay the debt to you from personal funds. But now, please make a decision.

    - What? - Sergey asked puzzled.

    - You either participate or not. - Kurchatov said seriously. - If you participate, then come without a banter, but really help. If you don't participate, then go home.

    - I participate. - without hesitation, Sergey answered, and added in a whisper. - When will such a cool challenge be ...

    The work was already in full swing in the hall. Interest groups gathered, something was heatedly discussed, argued, but, in general, the situation seemed to be working. The director was sitting alone, somewhat indifferent to what was happening. Sergey wrote something quickly in his notebook.

    - Evgeny Viktorovich, we have an offer. - In one of the groups Gorbunov, commercial director, rose to his feet. - We have a sufficiently large amount of spare parts made for a key customer, we can sell them to other buyers.

    - There is another CD. - A terrible voice of the chief designer by the name of Jubrak came from another group. The voice was formidable, probably because Jubrak was a former boxer, two meters tall and of appropriate build.

    - So what? - asked Gorbunov. - Do not fit?

    - I told you, the CD is different. - repeated Jubrak.

    - Yes, you got with your CD. - could not resist the commercial director. - You do not see what, the situation is stalemate? Any options are needed to provide a handle.

    - Where did I get you? - Jubrak rose from his seat. - You got me, trafficker, just to push it, and it doesn’t matter if some plunger breaks during operation.

    - Anton. - the owner turned to Jubrak. - We understood that the CD is different. How different?

    - Yes, not much. - answered for Anton the chief engineer who was sitting nearby. - There, the steel grade is different, of increased hardness.

    - And the size, geometry? - asked Kurchatov.

    - One to one.

    - Other customers can use these parts?

    - Yes of course. It is necessary to agree, really ... They have serious design services, just like that ...

    - And we are not a serious design service, are we? - asked the nearby Jubrak.

    - Sit down, Anton. - pulled his sleeve chief engineer. - Evgeny Viktorovich, everything is fine, we will coordinate, we will ship. We can start right now, I will call them ...

    - No, not yet, let's work on all the options first. - Kurchatov shook his head. - And then we promise, and then we change our mind. Great idea, thanks.

    - Yes, it’s necessary to work out all the options. - continued the chief engineer, turning to the owner.

    - You, Alexey, do not contact me, but to Vladimir Nikolayevich, the commercial director. - The owner pointed at Gorbatov. - And they got used, like children, to solve all questions through the teacher.

    - This is Svetlana Vladimirovna taught. - Sergey responded. - We called it "call mom."

    - I see. - smiled the owner. - Alexey, Vladimir, let's be more friendly, unite your groups, work. Perhaps we still have some stocks for a key customer that can be shipped to other consumers.

    Alexey got up and moved to the group of sellers. Jubrak, and the production manager who was sitting next to him, remained in place.

    - Friends, and why are you? - the owner has addressed to them.

    - Our business is small. - smiled Pankratov, production manager. - They will do what they say.

    - And in general. - Jubrak nodded his head.

    - What is it? - the owner asked.

    - This is not our business, that's what. When we speak, we are not listened to. And now let them decide.

    - Anton, now is not the time for whims and old offenses. I understand that salespeople and techies are always hostile, but you see the situation. Maybe in a few weeks we will all be without work.

    - I will not stay. - Jubrak shrugged. - Now a good designer snapped up.

    - Well, at least you can participate? Suddenly you will prompt some useful idea? Yes, and your technical expertise will not be superfluous.

    - Of course, you are sorry, Evgeny Viktorovich. - began Jubrak. - Personally, I have no complaints against you, but I will not go on reconnaissance with these guys.

    It was said that there was no doubt - once upon a time, most likely, this guy had to be in real intelligence.

    - Damn, Anton, are you a man or who? - Marina, Quality Director, entered.

    - And you do not take me to the man. - smiled Jubrak. - I have a talker before you, how much blood you drank, with your processes.

    - So, stop, colleagues. - the owner stopped the discussion. - This is a voluntary matter. If Anton does not want to participate, then this is his choice. Similarly, like Sergei, I suggest you just go home.

    Jubrak was silent. Sergey, who had been furiously scribbling something in his notebook, looked up and, like most of those present, stared at the chief designer. He well knew this guy - he was best described by the phrase from Vysotsky’s song “it was gloomy and angry, but it went.” Yes, he liked to argue, he often used strong words, even started and developed open confrontations, but in order to fall down ... Hardly.

    - I will stay. - finally said Jubrak. - But to the nouveau riche not sit down.

    - Good. - the owner exhaled with relief. - Sergey, what are you doing?

    - Strategy, what else. I do not know how to sell.

    - And what happens? Do you do IT strategy?

    - Oh, well, you do not know him, or what. - Marina grinned. - The strategy of saving the world, no less. Or how did you tell? In Klingon?

    - Marina, please. - almost prayed Kurchatov. - Do not distract, neither Sergey, nor me, nor yourself. Do something.

    - I'm busy. - Marina answered offended. - I remember that we were taught in a crisis management course when I was studying for an MBA.

    - Well, how many remembered? - squinted the owner.

    - Not yet, I would go for materials home ... I remember that we must act quickly.

    - Thanks, Cap! - Sergey smiled. - As we said in the village, we must hurry in two cases: when diarrhea and when you catch lice.

    - Oh, well, it starts. - Marina smiled in response. “I missed your incredibly seductive humor.”

    - Sergey, what's the strategy? - impatiently interrupted Kurchatov. - What are you writing in a notebook?

    - Activity.

    - Why in a notebook?

    - And where should I go?

    - Aloud, voice, discuss ...

    - So time is the same ...

    - What?

    - Well, not enough time. To discuss it will take an hour, the proposal will leave, everyone will be clever, they will hang their snot on the fence, and it is not clear without a strategy ...

    - I don’t understand ... - the owner frowned. - How is this strategy without strategy not going to be clear?

    - Eck, you are looping ... So in the dump not long to fall.

    - Sergey, I asked ...

    - Yes, I beg your pardon ... - Sergey was embarrassed. - I wanted to emphasize the difference between strategy and action plan. In notebook - the plan.

    - Where is the strategy? - asked Kurchatov.

    - In my head. But it is short, I can write.

    - That is, I don’t understand all the same ... What do you propose to do?

    - Yes, it is, in general, it does not matter what to do. More precisely, my specific offers are worthless, I’m not a seller, and not a manufacturer.

    - Seriously? - Marina smiled. - And to listen to you, so you and this ... And at the game a fighter, in short.

    - The main thing is not what to do, but how. - not paying attention to the attack of Marina, Sergey continued. - Or how ... Right now, I will formulate ... The strategy answers the question "how", these are like principles, perhaps ... The formula of our movement, and the achievement of our goal. And then concrete actions are strung on these principles. Something like that.

    - Let us suppose. - nodded Kurchatov. - In management theory, a more precise definition is given, but now is not the time to argue. What is the strategy?

    - write to you? Or say?

    - Write. On the desk.

    - OK.

    Sergey got up, put the notebook on a chair, and walked over to the board. Seeing the movement, the people in the groups stopped the discussion and stared at the action. Moreover, when Sergei performed, there was always something to see - like in a circus.

    - Well, I have two definitions. - Sergey hesitated at the board. - One decent, the other - not very, but more intelligible, in my opinion.

    - Give both. - the owner nodded with interest.

    - Okay. - Sergey answered and began to scratch on the board with a marker.

    First, he held a vertical line in the middle of the board, dividing it in half. On the left side, after thinking for a few seconds, he wrote: “pull your head out of your ass.” Chuckles swept through the hall. Turning to the second half, Sergey became thoughtful.

    - Cheat sheet forgot? - Marina shouted from her seat.

    - Shh! - the owner said seriously.

    - No, I'm not kidding, can I give a notebook?

    - Do not. - Sergey dismissed. - I pick up the words.

    - So you already picked up about the head out of your ass. Short and succinctly. True, we have objections here ...

    - Marina! - shouted Kurchatov.

    The hall fell silent, staring at Sergey. He thought for a couple more minutes, whispering something under his breath, and finally wrote: “not to interfere”.

    Sergey put the marker, moved a little to one side, admiring his scribbles. People in the hall were waiting for further developments.

    - I'm afraid I have to explain. The owner frowned.

    - Easy. - Sergey smiled and turned to the hall. - There is nothing new. Who remembers the procurement project that I did a couple of years ago?

    - Well, I remember. - answered Kurchatov.

    - It was, however, he was saved later, replacing it with a kind of new-fashioned category purchase, but not the point ... In short, friends, since such a situation arose, you have to pull your head out of your ass and stop interfering.

    - To disturb? - the owner began to lose his temper.

    - To disturb the money. - Sergey was not embarrassed at all. - Prevent the flow of money to move through our company.

    - And who's stopping him?

    - All present, anyway.

    - There are examples?

    - Yes, right now. - Sergey ran to his chair, picked up a notebook, went back to the board.

    - Here, for example, Argentina. Argentina beckons Negro, a palindrome, not heard?

    “Sergey ...” the owner said sternly.

    - Yes ... If you remember, Gena traveled to Argentina six months ago, and brought back from there a frantic need for our equipment and spare parts. They recently found oil there.

    - Is there oil in Argentina? - asked bored Garayev.

    - Yes, in huge quantities. - confirmed Sergey. - So ... Gena, how much will our piece of iron be there?

    A good-looking guy with a beautiful suit and a sour face on his face rose from his seat.

    - There the price in dollars, if recalculated for rubles, the profitability is twice as high. This is taking into account the transport. I have all the calculations ...

    - Wait. - Sergey stopped him. - And the prices of competitors?

    - Twice as high as our price in dollars.

    - We all remember this, Gennady. - interrupted Kurchatov. - This is a very important direction, especially in the framework of diversification, and it should be very quickly and carefully worked through.

    “Noticing anything?” - slyly squinting, asked Sergey.

    - No, why? - asked Kurchatov.

    - Well, you say - you need to work very quickly and carefully. You said it six months ago. Half a year. Very fast. Half a year. Very fast.

    - So after all, and carefully. - Marina shouted from her seat. “Quality is more important than speed.”

    - Come on. - Sergey smiled. - People are sitting somewhere in Argenitin, they want to buy our piece of iron. Take, they say, we will pay you. Well, there are risks, not to send the car immediately, but at least ten could be sent? In extreme cases, one.

    - And what, still have not sent? - asked Kurchatov, a little shocked.

    - Yes, I already zadolbalsya ... - Gena began.

    - Wait a minute. - Sergey stopped him again. - Now we are looking at the left side of the board and doing what is written there.

    All together turned their eyes to the inscription about pulling the head out of the ass. Someone smiled, someone frowned, someone clicked his tongue.

    - Here they are money. Here it is the flow of money that could begin. Here it is, the real diversification. Gene will not lie - oil is everywhere. Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, something else ... And what are we doing with this stream of money? We don’t even give birth to him.

    - Wait, Sergey. - Kurchatov raised his hand. - What exactly is happening with this question about Argentina?

    - That's what's happening. As it should be, we made our standard contract. Gene, being a master of all sorts of languages ​​there, personally translated it into English and sent it to the Argentines. Those, of course, something in it corrected. Gene in legal matters is not a whale, and went on the beaten path. Which one?

    - Which one? - turning to the hall, asked Kurchatov.

    - Agreement process. - It came at once from several places.

    - Agreement process. - Sergey nodded. - And our lawyers, alas, are not international experts, so what?

    - What? - continued to play along with the owner.

    - Sent to a certain office, outsourcing lawyers.

    - Well, a normal move. - nodded Kurchatov.

    - Of course normal. Gene, agreed to the contract?

    - No, not even started. - filtered Gena.

    - Why? - could not stand Kurchatov.

    - Because outsourcers have requested prepayment. - answered for Gena Sergey.

    - Well, that is normal practice.

    - This is normal for you. And here, if the terms of payment differ from the standard ones, what is started?

    - Agreement process. - again responded from the floor.

    - Moreover, it is not only about agreeing payment terms. It is necessary, after all, to conclude an agreement with these international affairs specialists. And the gimp went ...

    - Well, I understood. - Kurchatov sighed. - Gennady, if we quickly make all the papers, how soon will you arrange the shipment?

    - During the week, ten pieces of equipment, and a container of spare parts, to form a consignment. They need spare parts, they are poorly able to use the equipment, so they often break it.

    - Well! - Kurchatov clapped his hands. - I personally give instructions to lawyers and financiers. Sergey, thank you for paying attention to this question! Do you have everything?

    - Not.

    - How ... Oh, well. Come on, what else?

    - Do you understand the principle?

    - Which one?

    - Damn, what are we talking about here, Evgeny Viktorovich?

    - About Argentina and bureaucracy.

    - No, we are talking about strategy, pulling the head out of the ass and the flow of money. Argentina is just one example, very simple. There are more interesting cases.

    - For example?

    - For example, our unhappy customers. Those that are not key.

    “What's wrong with them?”

    - Have you ever repaired a car? This is not an idle question, because you are not a poor person, and you probably don’t do such nonsense.

    - I imagine the process of repairing the machine, Sergey. - smiled Kurchatov.

    - So, we have the same thing. More than half of our sales are parts of equipment, right?

    - So.

    - Approximately the same story from auto centers, only there are still a significant proportion of services. So, when your car broke down and you need, for example, a boot, what are you doing?

    - Going to the car wash.

    - And what do they tell you?

    - What do they say? I, Sergey, really have not been there for a long time.

    - They say - damn it, you must wait two weeks from Europe. Anther! Which costs 400 rubles! I'm not lying, he personally recently changed me!

    - And what, waited two weeks?

    - No, of course, bought an analog. And our clients do that.

    - In terms of?

    - Well, they have two ways - either to buy from competitors, or on the black market. You know how it is developed in this sector.

    - Yes I know. - nodded Kurchatov. - And why? Do we have to wait two weeks too?

    - Guys, how long do we have to wait? - Sergey turned to the hall.

    The room whispered, but no one dared to answer the question. Kurchatov looked from one to the other, but without waiting for an answer, he looked again at Sergey.

    - Pancake. - Sergey blurted out, he shook his head contritely, then turned to the commercial director. - Vladimir Nikolayevich, what is silent?

    - I do not own the information. - he got up from his seat. “I think delivery times are much shorter.”

    “He thinks ...” said Sergey angrily, and began leafing through his notebook. - So, here ... I know these numbers well, because I stare at them every day. So, half of the orders are shipped in two months. Another quarter - a month. The rest, on the little things - who after a week, who after six months.

    - This is not true, Evgeny Viktorovich. Shouted Gorbunov. “I know the numbers well, and this is ...

    ” “You just said that you do not have the information.” - smiled Kurchatov.

    - But I see frank lies from afar!

    - Blin, Vladimir Nikolaevich. - blurted out Sergey. - You need to see from a distance, and look under your nose. I showed someone a report a week ago?

    - What is the report? - frowned Gorbunov.

    - Such a report. - Sergey mocked. - Which “Iceberg” is called.

    - How how? - asked Kurchatov.

    - Yes, it does not matter ... This is the method, calculating the duration of negative states ... In short, in this particular case, it shows how long the orders are shipped.

    - But managers regularly report to me, and there are completely different numbers! - Do not let up Gorbunov.

    - Vladimir Nikolaevich, re-read on the board on the left. - Sergey pointed at his strategic masterpiece. - You told them that orders should not be shipped for a long time, so they adapted themselves. As soon as the shipment is delayed, they close the order, create a new one, transfer the remainder, and they show you. Respawn orders.

    - How did you find out about it? - asked Kurchatov.

    - So they’re this, not very brainy. - Sergey smiled. - There is a field there - the document number according to the customer. It comes out then in pieces of paper - overhead, etc. Managers cannot remove or change it - they will not accept the goods. Therefore, creating a new order, they leave this number. Well, I compared.

    Hunchback stood silently, and gradually began to blush. Kurchatov looked at him first, then, realizing that there would be no intelligible answer, he returned to Sergei again.

    - Understand what is happening? - Sergey asked. - A client comes with money, says - well, guys, take my money, give me iron. And we give him - uh, wait, man. We don't need your money. Come in after a month or two. Maybe we deign to take your money. Exactly the same as with Argentina.

    - Clear. - Kurchatov answered evenly. - The reason only in the sales department?

    - What? - Sergey raised his eyebrows. - Sellers have nothing to do with it! Well, apart from hiding the seriousness of the problem from you. They would be happy to ship on the same day, but after all, they need to produce the pieces of iron, or to buy - those that we are doing on the side. And here we are building obstacles in the way of money ...

    - Come on, tell me. - Kurchatov sighed.

    - And what to tell ... Vasya!

    Vasily Lunin, purchasing director, got up from his seat - a cheerful guy, about forty years old, although he looked younger.

    - Come on, tell me, and here I am at all. - Vasya smiled.

    - You're a great guy, just pull your head out of your ass. - Sergey smiled in response. - He poured me the whole purchase for TOS, now we are clearing up.

    - Categorical purchase is much ... - Vasya began to rant, but Kurchatov with a gesture cut him off.

    - What about purchases, Sergey?

    - Jubrak, you have the floor.

    The chief designer got up and stared at Sergei in bewilderment. The pantomime lasted a few minutes.

    - What do you need? - finally asked the chief designer.

    - So, the help of the hall is required. - Sergey smiled. - When we want to order the production of a piece of iron on the side, what is required to initiate?

    - Agreement process. - almost in unison answered in the hall.

    - Well, what's wrong? - asked Kurchatov. - When a new supplier, coordination is needed. Counterparty evaluation, contractual work, and so on.

    - And when the supplier is old, long known, and this detail has been sharpening us for five years, what is required for ordering it?

    - Agreement process. - the hall answered cheerfully.

    - Coordination of what? - the owner asked puzzled.

    - Jubrak, what coordination is required?

    - Oh, there you are. - Anton's face brightened. - This is, Evgeny Viktorovich, every time there is a need to sign a drawing.

    - I do not understand ...

    - Well, I did not understand.

    - Evgeny Viktorovich. - Marina suddenly rose from her seat. “We made changes to the procurement process a few months ago.” Now for each specification, that is, for each batch of procurement, the drawing approval is required.

    - Why? - exclaimed Kurchatov. - These drawings were developed a few years ago, there are no changes there for a long time, everything is settled and works!

    - I will answer if you will. - Sergey entered. - Once, one eccentric with the letter “m” could not provide the necessary roughness in his production, and without further ado, he smeared our parameters with a stroke on the drawing and drew his own. That inflated precedent.

    - What kind of supplier? - the owner frowned. - We work with him?

    - Of course not! - Marina blurted out. - We worked with him for the first time, and after the investigation broke up the relationship. But in the process of change made.

    - Fuck? - shouted Kurchatov. - Are you out of your mind? I understand, of course, a precedent, but not to the same extent!

    - So you signed these changes. - Marina said quietly.

    - Yes, you never know! .. - began Kurchatov and stopped. A few seconds thought, and continued. - I can not get a grasp of each letter of the documents that I sign! You are not children, you must understand! I'm not plywood to cover my ass!

    “Okay, let's cancel ...” Marina said even more quietly and sat down. Zhubrak landed next.
    - What else, Sergey? - Kurchatov asked, massaging his forehead with his fingers.

    - Many things. Here, Vasya, do you think DECO will ship us a hundred sleeves for tomorrow? - Sergey addressed the procurement director.

    - No, it is excluded. - Vasya shook his head. - The production cycle of such a batch of sleeves is a month, and this is subject to the availability of materials and timely inclusion in the plan.

    - Call them. - suddenly blurted out Sergei.

    - In terms of? To whom?

    - Well, who is the sales manager, who do you work with?

    - Lyokha.

    - Well, dial Lyokha on the speakerphone, ask about one hundred bushes tomorrow. And we sit quietly and listen.

    - Sergei. - entered Kurchatov. - Let's not arrange a clowning, there wasn’t enough to ruin a relationship with a key supplier.

    - I insist. - Sergey answered firmly.

    Kurchatov stared at him for a few seconds, thinking hard about something.

    - Come on. - he said, finally. - I will call myself, but not Lech, but the director. Good for you?

    - Yes, it's even better.

    - Good. Please silence.

    Kurchatov took out his phone, rummaged through contacts, found the number he needed, dialed, turned on the speakerphone. There were several long beeps.

    - Hi Zhenya! - There was a voice from the phone. - I have not heard you for a long time! Like myself, like a spouse?

    - Sing, I'm sorry, I'm on the case, and besides - on the speakerphone.

    - Oh, sorry. Come on, what have you got?

    - We have a small crisis situation here, and you can help out great. It sounds strange, I will not be offended if you send me to hell. Could you ship us a hundred sleeves tomorrow?

    - Yes of course. Do you take it yourself?

    - Yes ... Stop, wait. Is it possible

    - Yes, if it is a hundred. Maximum - one hundred and ten.

    - But as?

    - What is it like?

    - How do you manage to make a hundred sleeves per day?

    - They are ready, they are in stock.

    - Our sleeves?

    - Well, while ours. - the voice on the phone laughed. - When you pay, your will.

    - In terms of our drawings?

    - Yes, and for whom else? You also have unique sleeves, no one else needs these in our region. Under you did.

    - when?

    - Yes, we constantly do, and we keep the stock. Just a hundred.

    - Listen, sing, you surprise me ... How long have you been keeping sleeves under us?

    - Well, yes, a year or two, I do not remember exactly. And not only bushings - and axles, and dies, something else like ...

    - And why?

    - Zhen, well, you surprise me ... Because you are our key client. I told you that half the sales come from you.

    - I know that. And why hold the sleeve? Whose idea?

    - In general, like, programmers, I do not remember exactly. They came to me with a proposal, I agreed, tried, it seemed to have gone fine, and left.

    - Programmers? Yours?

    - And mine, and yours. Your boyfriend even came to us. I forgot what my name is ...

    - Sergey?

    - Yes exactly! A lively such, market, cheerful. Here he is with our programmers and all muddied. And I just glad. Bounce is no longer necessary under your ragged demand.

    - Yes, yes, I understand, sing. Thank!

    - You would come to visit - I feel we need to talk about many things.

    - Required! Tomorrow!

    - All right, come on, do not distract.

    - Thank you, Petya!

    Kurchatov hung up and was silent. Vasya, still standing on his feet, slowly sat down. Sergey smiled contentedly.

    - Well, tell me. - finally said Kurchatov.

    - Yes, nothing much to tell. - Sergey shrugged his shoulders. - When our TOC purchases took off, we installed an insurance margin for the sleeves, just one hundred pieces. Shipped to customers on the same day. I was so happy that I went to the conference to tell about the experience. There I met these guys by chance, with DECO, programmers. They decided that I would visit them.

    - Well. - nodded the owner.

    - Well, I drove. Potryndeli, explained everything to them, they say - damn, cool, we also want. I left, they went to the authorities. Then they write - everything has been previously agreed, come again. I - to them. Let's say integration is muddied. We have an insurance reserve, and at any time there is an understanding of how much is missing. Well, if there are 30 pieces in the free balance, then 70 more is needed. This information has become almost online for them to enter the system.

    - and?

    - And that's it. They straightened their production plan, tweaked it under the safety stock, and began to replenish it. How much we miss, they do so much. Immediately, on the same day, as the buffer fell in our place, for example, if a client made an order.

    - So wait. - raised the palm of Kurchatov. - We have an insurance reserve - a hundred, they - also a hundred. Total - two?

    - No, the total is always a hundred. It’s just that, as I said, we lost this system, and now our safety stock is zero. And they have a hundred. All the buffer moved to them. We have been living for several months and are shipping the sleeves on time at the expense of DECO. And his programmers.

    - It turns out, the consignment? - asked after a few seconds of deliberation Kurchatov.

    - Well yes. And this is what we need now, in a crisis. Consignment at DECO warehouse, consignment in the area where major customers are concentrated in the North, consignment in Argentina, or in Latin America in general.

    - Of course, I'm sorry. - Suddenly Vasya got up. “But why do programmers decide where we have what consignment?”

    - Because you, Vasya, eccentric. - Kurchatov said harshly. - And remember once and for all: I do not care what position a person holds. If he has a head on his shoulders, and he comes from the interests of the company, and not from his selfish and career, then I will listen to him. If a programmer comes up with how to improve supply, and it will work, I will support him with all the resources available. It's clear?

    - Yes. - Vasya answered offendedly and proudly, with a straight back, sat on a chair.

    - Evgeny Viktorovich. - Sergey began hesitantly. - In general, the procurement system has disappeared with your tacit consent.

    - You did not surprise me, Sergey. - unexpectedly agreed Kurchatov. “I know you wrote me about it several times.”

    - Including, about integration, and about DECO, and about programmers, and about safety stock.

    - Yes, I remember. - nodded Kurchatov. - And do not relieve myself of guilt. I, like you, love to experiment. Vasily proposed another system - categorical procurement. Both he and I heard about this system on the MBA, from the same speaker. He was very persuasive. I tried, failed.

    - Yeah I do not mind. - Sergey was confused. - But now, in conditions of time trouble, not up to experiments, agree?

    - Yes of course. Tomorrow we are returning your system to action. How long does it take?

    - Five minutes. - Sergey shrugged his shoulders.

    - So you did not delete it?

    - Who is this good will delete ... Just next to put another.

    - Well! - smiled Kurchatov. - Do you have everything?

    - Not.

    - How…

    - So I say, this is a strategy. If you understand the principle, then to come up with events and changes - it's a simple matter. Especially since we have, excuse me, there is so much shit in the processes that has accumulated, which prevents money from customers from getting faster, that even a bulldozer is raked.

    - Explain ... About ... Well, about the interference in the processes.

    - Abstractly?

    - Well, yes, we already understood the examples.

    - The client came with money and need. This is the entry point. Closed needs, received money - this is the exit point. Between the points of entry and exit - the length of the path of money in our company. The shorter it is, the better. Do you agree?

    - Suppose yes.

    - Those who are closer to trade, understand the term "turnover". One thing is to wrap money in a month. Another thing - wrap money five times a month. Because the company, any, lives with this turnover, right?

    - Well, yes, this is the alphabet. With each turnover we have a profit.

    - Yes, plus - the higher the turnover, the lower the share of fixed costs. Like the rent of premises, the salary part of salaries, some taxes and so on.

    - It's all clear. - left Kurchatov. - Come on next.

    - Turnover is a bad word because it is passive. One gets the impression that she lives her life, according to her own laws, and nothing can be done with it.

    - I do not agree. - Kurchatov shook his head. - Turnover is growing, if sellers move well, look for customers, enter new markets, and so on.

    - Yes, this is the second mistake. - Sergey smiled.

    - In terms of? - frowned Kurchatov. - I'm wrong, is it?

    “It's not that they are wrong ...” Sergey was a little confused. “But your words are so beaten up that much of the truth is hidden behind them.” It seems to everyone that turnover is the business of sellers. So?

    - Well, not really, it’s not only business ...

    - You yourself just said that it depends on sellers. Sellers, tell me how much in our shipping depends on you? - Sergey turned to the hall.

    No one was in a hurry to answer. Kurchatov was clearly impatient to continue the dialogue, so he did not wait.

    - Yes, I understood, Sergey. You just gave a few examples of how internal processes are interfering with sales.

    - Right. - Sergey nodded. - We have excellent sellers. At least, it seems so now, while all the other guys are disturbing them as much as they can. That's why I wrote in the strategy “not to interfere”. This is not forever, and at the time of the crisis period. It is necessary to remove the maximum of unnecessary, ungrounded obstacles from the path of money.

    - So, now I sort of understand. The point is to reduce this segment, from need to payment?

    - Yes, quite right. This distance, more precisely - time, should be reduced to a minimum. As in a supermarket, a client came, chose, immediately bought. Our business is similar, at least in the context of spare parts for our equipment. Ideally, this time to receive money can be reduced to zero, or even made negative.

    - What is it like? The owner frowned.

    - Well, as DECO does, just a little more forward progress. Keep the safety stock not with DECO, not with us, but with the client.

    - In terms of?

    - Well, they need spare parts for repairs? And repair is a spontaneous thing. Broken - urgently need to repair. They also need to produce oil, downtime is extremely destructive. Here and offer them to create a consignment in their warehouse. We determine the list of positions, it will be stable by 80%. They are working, we are replenishing their warehouse, quietly, silently, without too much running around and bouncing around. A piece of iron broke from them - they went and took it from their warehouse. And we get the money - and, before they learn about their needs. So it turns out negative time - money before needs.

    - Vladimir Nikolayevich, what do you think? - turned Kurchatov to the commercial director.

    - The idea is interesting. - rose from the chair Gorbunov. - I was already offered similar mechanics, they even asked. They have exactly the problem that Sergei described. When the equipment broke down, and there are nowhere to take spare parts, they begin to run, call, search. We have two weeks delivery, or a month ...

    - Or two. - smiled Kurchatov.

    - Well, yes, or two. At competitors not less. Take as a result on the black market, for cash.

    - Will you work the question?

    - Yes of course.

    - Excellent thank you!

    Kurchatov was silent, thoughtfully looking at one point. Then he began to stroll along the board.

    “You know ...” he stopped and turned to the hall. - I like this strategy. Both her options. I take it as the main one. Now this is our company's strategy. Marina, arrange everything as it should be, and convey to all employees. Sergey, what else is needed?

    - Need to talk to people. - answered Sergey. - The managers have a lot of information about what is stopping the money, and its employees have even more. Only they have no one to talk to.

    - Got it, be sure to talk!

    - Better me. - Sergey said quietly. - Excuse me ...

    - Why? And, although, okay, you better know ...

    - Not better, but you have already spoken with the staff many times. Anyway, you are from another world. And I - my own board. If you do not mind, of course.

    - No, no, no problem. Start tomorrow, right in the morning. All other duties I remove from you. - Kurchatov was silent again, after a few seconds he asked suddenly. - Are there really a lot of problems?

    - Rest assured. - Sergey nodded. “I used up several pages in half an hour, from RAM. Let's listen to the production manager here ...

    - Evgeny Viktorovich! - suddenly Olga's voice came from the corner. - It's time!

    - Oh, yes. - confused for a couple of seconds Kurchatov. Then he shook himself, smiled broadly, and spoke almost tenderly. - Guys, I want to ask you for forgiveness. With Appolinarium Gerhardovich everything is fine, no one dismissed him.

    - In terms of? - Marina stretched. - This is a joke, or something, was it?

    - Not a joke, but a new training format! - Olga, who approached Kurchatov, smiled. - You climbed over the wall in the morning, managed it, but then one of your colleagues ... But what is there to breed shuras-muras, Sergey clearly showed me that the sense of such training was exactly zero. And I decided to change the format, bring it closer to reality. Yevgeny Viktorovich agreed.

    - Yes, colleagues. - continued the owner. - I apologize again, I doubted for a long time, but decided to take a chance. And now, looking at the results, I'm not at all sorry!

    - And Sergei, it turns out, was in the know? - Marina asked. - And prepared in advance?

    - No, Sergey did not know. - Kurchatov shook his head. - And I, frankly, very happy about it. I now have a lot to talk about with him.

    - Well, you still have a week. - Marina smiled.

    - And about that too. - Kurchatov smiled in response.

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