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    Do you think there is a connection between the following points?

    1. real-time AI assistance in the process of dog training, their maintenance and attachment
    2. open source marketplace GPU-computing , where machine learning & mixed reality are consumers; owners of rigs and isolated GPU-workstations - providers; investors and manufacturers - contributors
    3. coordinated technological singularity

    We believe that these points are part of one whole, one path. And I would like to tell you more about it.

    Do you like dogs?

    Do you feel sorry for public dogs (if you call all street, homeless, shelter pets)?

    Would you like to do something to create a system that fundamentally solves the problem of public dogs? Their content and accessories?

    So let's set the accents.


    We can distinguish two forms as boundary states of shelters:

    1) bad shelters
    2) “good” shelters

    1 - "Concentration camps". Dogs live in them for months and years, little movement, either hot or deadly cold, often hungry. Such a life occasionally turns into an extension, most often ends in death in a cell.

    2 - “Good.” They are warm, cozy, caring, well fed. However, the problem is that if they did not take it within a month / three / N, then euthanasia occurs.

    Also, there are shelters- "overexposure": sterilization, affixing tags, release to where they were taken from; there are both types. This means a return to the street. Where the problems of hunger, cold, violence, death reappear.


    The main task is the attachment, the formation of a companion pair of man-dog with a stable emotional connection and caring attitude. As well as providing a decent level of security and comfort for the period before the addition.

    The main factors hindering the growth of the number of attached dogs, in our opinion, are:

    1. Low level of companioning of the dog. An animal with a low level of companionization does not know how to be a companion, is not trained in this. The dog is either overly cautious, or aggressive, or shameless, or apathetic, or other forms of non-companion behavior.
    2. Low level of involvement of people in interaction with public dogs. Low involvement in emotional communication.

    A narrow minority visits shelters. In a society with a predominance of the 1st type of shelters there is no attachment culture. In societies with a predominance of the 2nd, as a rule, there are no effective mechanisms for transforming euthanasia into other forms of problem solving.

    At the same time, most people have difficulties with the feeling of loneliness, and sometimes the strongest need for close emotional, reliable communication.

    There is an opinion (and the owners of very many dogs can be agreed with him and without research) that the dog's intelligence is comparable, on average, with the intelligence of a 2-year-old child. And with the right attitude, a dog gives a person a portion of friendship, sincere joy, which he needs.

    However, many people have an idea (in most cases, in our opinion, erroneous) that there will be an order of magnitude more minuses and problems from a dog than advantages. And therefore, they are not looking for emotional closeness in this direction. Especially not having the skills and understanding of building relationships with the dog, leadership in the pair / flock, training.


    1. To teach the vast majority of public dogs to be companions. Build a system that provides this learning process and a high degree of probability of success in each particular case.
    2. Ensure the involvement of the majority of people in regular play, training contact with public dogs. To create conditions for the formation of an emotional connection with an animal even before the moment of conscious decision-making about taking a dog. Create a positive background of interaction, the predominance of constructive, joyful experiences and expectations.

    Trail Park System components

    ( the image is a relatively standard site, solely as a designation of the type )

    Fenced playground for dogs. Inside:

    1. Elements of a standard training site
    2. Automated intelligent residential modules. Automated supply of food, water, air heating in winter, control from the application / remotely
    3. Audio, video, other types of sensors
    4. Wearable electronics on dogs, condition and behavior analysis

    The software analyzes all streams (audio, video, sensor data on the court and on the dog).

    The application displays a 3D model of a dog, approximate in appearance.

    The level of training is displayed: what is already able (teams, actions), what should be taught in the next steps.

    The person in the application (platform) has a rating. Rating is an expression of indices of his skills as a trainer, trainer, companion.

    The system analyzes the training process, every step and movement. Facial expressions. Heart rate. And other sensor data and channels.

    In the process of training, the system provides real-time tips, tool types, tips, asks for corrective questions, gives homework for theoretical training.

    If you want contact with the dog, the application displays the required level of human preparedness, allows or denies access to the dog, choosing comparable levels of readiness of the trainer and the dog.

    You can come to the trail park to play with your dog. You can come to play with public dogs that live on a permanent basis in the trail park in stand-alone modules. In quantity from one to several.

    In the platform, there are partnerships with organizations and veterinary clinics for catching, sterilization, chipping, vaccinations, and medical care. With serving firms for the supply of food, water, cleaning, technical support.

    Thus, we:

    1. We provide a system in which mass achievement of companion skills by public dogs is possible.
    2. We form the mass culture of gaming, training leisure. We ensure the availability of the formation of stable emotional connections man-dog for most people.

    Create a new form of leisure. Joyful rest in the game and friendship with a sincere devotional creature.

    Increasing the percentage of dogs attached.

    A comfortable life is ensured for the overwhelming majority of those animals who have not yet been taken.

    As a result, the uncontrolled increase in the birth rate of public dogs is decreasing. There is a new way to solve the problems of the wild flocks. Sterilization and distribution of geographically distant trail parks.

    Trail parks can coexist with sports fields and playgrounds for children. To be in places with good traffic.

    In each small town there are several of them. In large cities - tens of thousands.

    After 5 years, most shelters (autonomous, as well as on the basis of veterinary clinics) in developed and relatively developed countries migrate to the format of a trail park.

    After 15 years, the current format of shelters type 1 and type 2 becomes fundamentally deprecated.

    Before the advent of the current technological series: computing power, the amount of data and forms of algorithms - all this was impossible. And now it is possible.

    This is about what to do.

    And the same can be said in other words.

    How to make dogs out

    of this


    of this


    Have you become like this?

    If you imagine a segment on a horizontally laid piece of paper, then the behavior from the problem group in the first videos can be placed on the left pole of the segment, and the condition of an obedient, safe family member, brother / child - on the right.

    And so we fix the image of the boundary states of the dog.
    All dogs are somewhere between these poles. To a greater or lesser extent, to them, more or less.

    Here, for example on

    a photo

    Фото из Вк, девушка-ветеринар (если кто-то узнает ее, будем рады добавить ссылку)

    just as if, an approximate majority of dogs can be seen in their readiness for the role of companion with fairly small training efforts.

    In order to assess the significance of this factor, - companionization , - one can ask a simple question - from which video does the dog have a better chance of finding a family? Who, which dog is more likely to do it in a shorter time? The one who says "Mom" and safely behaves with the child, or who is scared and pounced, bites people approaching her?

    Antoine Najaryan, a zoopsychologist and a dog handler from the first videos, tells and shows common examples of behavior correction.

    In the commercials on the channel he has many seemingly incredible, often quick transformations. No one before him could solve the problem, sometimes dangerous. He came, understood, explained, and the problem was solved. Fixed a new behavior of the dog and man.

    About him we can say that he is a subtle psychologist and a zoopsychologist. And if Antoine could work with every public dog on the planet, then the conditional 98% of them would begin to strive for the pole of perfect companions.

    But Antoine can not come to each dog personally. However, his video contains enough for the formation of basic patterns of information about what, how, in what cases should be done. How to behave. What matters is not only his explanation, but also the actions themselves, the process itself.

    Since watching videos with computer vision, it is possible to structure all the necessary information, select clear objects, groups, form systems of factors and so far - mechanics and rules for transforming the states of a dog and a person; behavior.

    Transferring these mechanics to the platform. Clear control of the behavior of humans and dogs in real-time interaction.

    [While OKD / AKC and other formal criteria act as superstructural layers (formed in a similar way).]

    So, Antoine can not come and teach each person personally; personally help every dog ​​on earth.

    But he can do it through the Trails platform. His experience, like the experience, diligence and talent of other people, dog handlers, zoopsychologists, will be laid out and germinated in the application. Allowing to direct and correct the behavior of people, the behavior of dogs. Receiving tips in the earpiece, seeing them on the screens of mobile devices or monitors.

    In the phone and computer of almost every dog ​​owner. In every third courtyard of the city. In every city of the earth, in one form or another.

    We believe that this will be a new milestone in the union of man and dog. The next step in the evolution of the dog from wolf to the role of younger brother.

    Changing the life and leisure of hundreds of millions of people and animals. Step by step changing the world. In the heads, hearts and so far - around. And what is most surprising is that this is not a fantastic story. This is ours today. This is happening and we are part of it.

    We invite everyone who empathizes with public pets (cats are one of the next steps), and / or who see business opportunities for themselves - to cooperate .

    What to do? A huge number of tasks. Start by telling this story in a more lively, vibrant language.

    Make a translation, translations.

    Images, 3D graphics.

    Film a video. A documentary film, which will be interspersed with schemes and descriptions of the logic of what and how to do. The film, after which you want not to take, and build the Winter in the open field.

    Development. Hardware, software. ML. R & D, implementation of tasks for the construction of classification and prognostic models. 3D graphics, modeling.

    Construction of physical and mathematical models.

    Decentralization. Domestic currency.

    Accordingly, this type of ML, which is assumed here, requires enormous computing power. Not only for training models, but also for their full, mass functioning.

    Where to get so much power? So that at the same time the economy of this system was able to pay them?


    We see this as a solution, including this factor, and we also invite you to cooperate.

    Equally, the question arises - if everything is filmed on cameras, audio and data are written through other channels; in conjunction with the ratings - unless we thereby help the formation of totalitarianism?

    We suppose that we create, on the contrary, the tools of freedom, and here's why.

    Traili implements the separation of personal data and business logic data. The system will know everything about the user, but will not know anything about the user . It will be able to analyze all the statistical data, but no one except the data decryptor & data decryptor (user) or without his direct direct consent will be able by the system to establish correlations between his personality and data on his participation in the business logic of the system: where, when, how and what did he do as a participant, what is his rating, what results are achieved and so on.

    The Gpuhub architecture is built in such a way as to not only provide the market with a cheaper computing GPU-power, but also so that the data to be processed can undermine this separation when necessary. Including for the protection of sensitive consumer data, if necessary, additional protection; so that computing capacity providers cannot access the actual content of the data being processed.

    Accordingly, the tasks of Gpuhub correlate with the tasks of Traili. And primarily consist of R & D, hardware and software, ML, media, graphics, legal issues.

    You might ask, how does this all relate to the coordinated technological singularity?

    We believe that there is a chain of system interaction, which with a high degree of probability leads to the fact that the agent of the technological singularity will be a person, and not a universal AI.

    The brain has passed an evolutionary path from the reptilian brain, to the limbic system, to the cortex, the neocortex. We believe that the next step is cybercortex. Cyber ​​environment, neuro-integration within the framework of a decentralized multimodal system.

    More information about our vision can be found at , including interactive prezi. And also on our page .

    Ps I really want to respond to several discussions related to the meaning and business that recently took place on Habré.

    Can we say that we ourselves are responsible for the meaning that we have tamed? For the meaning that governs our actions, directs our search for joy and gives us strength, or takes them away?

    We can do more. We may want more and do more than is considered correct, possible, normal. We can - and talking about each of us - do something that previously simply did not exist. It was not at all. But only if we believe that this is possible. If we understand how to do it. If we feel that this is ours. If you really want this.

    Friends, what do you feel? What do you think? How does this fit your senses?

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