Winter frontend meetup at OZON


    Hi, Habr! On December 13, we meet at the OZON office to talk about the front end (with breaks for pizza and beer, of course). Developers from OZON, Yandex and Alfa-Bank will talk about how to combine the zoo systems, refactor, move to Typescript and contribute to the development of the community.

    In a programme

    “Frontend in OZON”, Mikhail Podgorny (OZON)

    - OZON has changed a lot over the past year - the frontend has also changed. Let's talk about what is happening now, the technologies that we use and future plans. Nuxt, leaks, monolith, mono-repository, verticals and here it is.

    “IDEF0 as a way to organize business logic in an application”, Ilya Kashlakov (Yandex.Money)

    - One day we, in Yandex.Money, were faced with the fact that almost no one from the front-end development department knows how our server-side payment process works. On this day, we realized that it seems that we need refactoring. In the report, I will talk about what approaches to refactoring our code we used, and why it was not the usual design patterns that formed the basis for the new architecture, but the principles of operation of automobile plants and large industrial enterprises.

    “How to translate a project to Typescript and not go crazy”, Alexander Kitov (Alfa-Bank)

    - About hundreds of articles written on ts, but what to do if you already have a lot of code on js? Where to begin? How to get cheap types for already written code? About this and talk.

    Feedback Loops of Continuous Integration, Vitaly Galakhov (Yandex.Maps)

    - How do gardening teams differ from hacker teams? Why should developers not only write code, but also be able to maintain their systems in battle? How to develop a frontend integrated with dozens of backends? Where is the best sushi?

    “How to contribute to open projects”, Evgeny Petukhov (OZON)

    - We will break the stereotype that open source is only programming and only for developers. There are many open projects, and it is very easy to contribute to them - you will see.

    Take your developer friends with you and come! But first register here . Log strictly according to the lists.

    We meet on December 13 at 18:20 in the Tower on the Embankment (Presnenskaya Embankment, 10).

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