Organize your infrastructure with Kubernetes and Helm. Kubernetes meetup video footage March 22, 2017


    On March 22, Avito hosted the second meeting of the Moscow Kubernetes community, and today we are sharing the meeting materials. Denis Izmailov gave an overview of the latest changes to the tool, Evgeny Olkov and Pavel Selivanov talked about how Kubernetes is used, respectively, in Avito and the Real Estate Center from Sberbank, and Sergey Orlov made a short report about the package manager Helm. Happy viewing!

    Opening remarks and digest - Denis Izmailov

    Kubernetes at Avito - Evgeny Olkov (Avito)

    Helm: package manager for Kubernetes - Sergey Orlov (Avito)

    Kubernetes in production - Pavel Selivanov (Real Estate Center from Sberbank)

    Presentation slides can be found here , photos - in our group FB . You can follow the announcements of the next meetings of the Moscow Kubernetes community in the chat . The next meeting will discuss OpenShift and Ceph, don’t miss it!

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