15 VoIP Providers and 8 CRM: Compatibility Overview

Original author: Matt Grech
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We filmed a brief translation of the review of compatibility of virtual telephone exchanges and CRM, popular in the west, from the GetVoIP team. There is a scheme of available options for integrating services with each other and “squeezing” the profit of such integrations for users. The latter, in general, mirrors the integration of Russian analog services.

Thanks to the author - Matt Grech - for the work. The following are the main points from his article. And in the table above you will find data on ready-made integrations of IP-telephony and CRM providers in the Western market. Of course, there is always more than one way to integrate popular (and not only) solutions among themselves - even if you see a dash in the above list, we keep in mind that, as a rule, the API of such services allows you to conjure over a DIY scheme.

What for

Integrations integrate individual tools into a single unit, allowing companies to work faster and more efficiently. It doesn’t matter what exactly happens: whether the call-center operators receive information about the calling client the same second as the incoming call is heard, or, say, the company is experimenting with Slack to manage employees from a distance.

The main profit of specifically integrating telephony with CRM is improving the quality of work of employees: they receive timely information about the context of an incoming call, without being distracted by its search during a conversation. Better trained operators solve the problems of callers faster and make them happier.


Records from the client’s card or problem tickets on it can be read, edited, reviewed and saved without switching between different interfaces. In general, the employee immediately (with the help of pop-up with an incoming call) receives:

  • customer company name and its accompanying characteristic from CRM;
  • history of interaction with this client, including the history of incoming and outgoing calls;
  • its status (position) regarding the sales funnel built in the business processes of the company.

Of course, the final functionality of integrating telephony with CRM is highly dependent on the specific services that are interconnected.

If there is no boxed solution

They are maximally pumped from the point of view of the elaboration of ready-made integrations with CRM Nextiva and RingCentral. Nevertheless, basically the services are so technologically developed that it is not a problem for the developer to link any two services by API. As a fallback, there are always integrators like Tenfold or Zapier that close all the missing integration schemes from the table above.

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