Announcement RamblerElixir # 2


    If you are fascinated by the Elixir language, then come March 16 at 19:00 to the Attic Rambler & Co. We will talk about Elixir, Phoenix Framework, Erlang OTP and prove the superiority of our buzzwords over any others.

    Maxim Glinka, developer at
    Topic: We rewrite everything on Elixir - development and operation of the API on Elixir on the project.

    Abstracts: What could be the reason for transferring the API from Ruby to Elixir? Honestly compare the performance and find out what is needed in order to operate the service on elixir without problems.

    Denis Rizaev, CTO at starttrack
    Topic: Elixir and Fin-Tech

    Theses: We will discuss the role of the platform for financial systems, consider the option of building an exchange on Elixir. And let's look at the whole situation on the part of management: how much will such a project cost us in the end?

    Daniel Sable: architect in fearlesslittle
    Topic: Why Elixir could not be based on the JVM (or a few words about garbage collection in BEAM)

    Theses: BEAM is fundamentally different from other virtual machines. Let's talk about garbage collection, crutches and heaps.

    Come, it will be interesting. In this case, no matter how interesting you are, do not forget to register and take your passport. Our guards - darlings, will smile at you, but they cannot let go without him.
    We conduct Meetup together with , thank them very much for their help with organizing the event.

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