Foreign GPS monitoring services (part 2)

    The article continues the description of foreign GPS monitoring services. As in the previous article, services that were updated or have published news no older than a month ago were selected. All services support a large line of personal and car trackers, all have their own mobile applications. All provide the opportunity to work under their own brand (both within the manufacturer’s cloud infrastructures, and with the ability to install on their own servers / infrastructures).

    There is no demo access in the “TrackMe” service, but you can quickly register and, using their application - a mobile tracker, get acquainted with the capabilities of the service. The Navixy service seems to be of Russian origin, but since in the previous articles I never touched it and it has many offices in America and Europe, I included it in this article.

    As was correctly noted in the commentary on the previous article, this is not an analysis as such, but a statement of factual information. This work is ongoing with the goal of further developing the free IOT & GPS VIALATM service . In my opinion, the collected information can be useful for developers and users of GPS monitoring systems, so I found it possible to share the collected data on Habré.

    Tracking platform

    Established: 2015 .

    Head office: London, England . Branches: Greece, Lebanon, Belgium, Peru .

    Representations in social networks: Youtube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter .

    Mobile applications on platforms: Android, Windows Phone . Among them: employee control applications, tracker applications and Live Chat applications (integrated with the platform).

    It supports the web client interface in a large number of languages .

    Useful features of the system:

    • Auto painting of the vehicle icon depending on the state (disconnection, movement, parking, ...).
    • Monitoring fuel consumption by mileage (in this case, you can set various parameters for the summer and winter periods).
    • Creating custom attributes of objects.
    • Definition of transport service notifications (depending on mileage, engine hours, ...).
    • Connecting sensors. Very convenient settings panel, includes the ability to set the calibration table.
    • Configuring the setting of traffic / parking conditions and the validity of determining the location both from GPS information and from data taken from sensors.
    • Configuring events, creating templates for event notifications.
    • Support for RFID and iButton.
    • Convenient report setup with the ability to send them by email on a schedule.
    • Ability to send commands to devices via GPRS / SMS. Enables the setting of sending commands according to the schedule and / or depending on the state of the object parameters.


    Established: 2009 .

    Representative offices : USA, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Russia .

    Representations in social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn .

    Mobile applications on platforms: iOS, Android . Among them: applications for accessing the service, application trackers.

    It supports the web client interface in a large number of languages .

    Useful features of the system:

    • Display on the map several tracks, including tracks for different objects.
    • Auto sorting the list of objects according to various criteria.
    • Convenient work with tracks and events on a timeline.
    • A large set of reports, with the ability to customize them. Setting a schedule for generating reports.
    • Receiving reports directly in the application window, with the display of tabular data on events and graphic information. At the same time, you can quickly switch and display data for different objects.
    • Formation of tasks and management of the list of tasks. Tasks are tied to both employees and vehicles.
    • Work with routes, including the formation of tasks on routes.
    • Control of driving style (violation of speed limits, sharp braking, ...).
    • The ability to add your layers to the map and import data from KML files into them.
    • Convenient work with geofences, including the ability to import geofences from KML files.


    Established: 2015 .

    Head office: Sri Lanka .

    Representations in social networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter .

    Mobile applications on the platform: Android . Tracker application.

    It supports the web client interface in English .

    Useful features of the system:

    • Ability to import tracks for devices entered into the system.
    • Simple and intuitive report template editor.
    • Ability to work with a mini-widget card.
    • A simple geofence editor with the ability to set their color and snap to objects.
    • Identification of emergency situations with objects (drop) and the immediate transfer of data to the support service (by numbers determined by users).
    • Ability to generate PUSH and email notifications about events of objects.
    • REST API service access.

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