Free IP Camera Software

    Over 11 years of work in the video surveillance market, we had to face many programs for managing video surveillance systems, some we worked with, some we tested, some we wanted to test, but we didn’t have time to do it, we just read about some in the reviews like what you read.

    As a result, it seems to us that we have obtained the most complete list of software for video surveillance systems.

    All software is divided into three groups:

    • Open source software
    • Free software with limited functionality
    • The software is free during the trial period.


    Open source software

    1) iSpy
    The most popular open source video surveillance application in the world. It is compatible with the vast majority of IP and web cameras. Developers claim 2 million users worldwide. Source code is available, as well as compiled versions.

    Rebranding - makes it easy and simple to customize software for your brand. Paid and free plugins expanding functionality.

    Operating Systems - Windows , Android
    Official website:

    2) ZoneMinder
    Free open source software for video surveillance. It works on any Linux distribution that supports Video4Linux.

    Operating systems - Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat, Debian, Gentoo), paid mobile applications on Android and iOS from the friendly project zmNinja are available .
    Official site:

    3) Veyesys Rapidvms
    Rapidvms is a simple client server software from Chinese developers. Rapidvms consists of RapidStor (server) and RapidClient (client)

    The source code is open for most components, some components are available only in binary form.

    Operating systems - Windows, Ubuntu, Centos, macOS
    Official website:

    4) OpenALPR
    Open source software for license plate recognition

    Operating systems - Debian, CentOS.

    Free with limited functionality

    In this section, software manufacturers that limit the functionality, but do not limit the duration of use

    5) XProtect Go The
    Danish company Milestone is a recognized world leader in the development of software for video surveillance systems. The software is Russified. Maximum number of IP cameras - 8

    Operating systems - Windows, Android , iOS , Windows Phone
    Official website:

    6 ) SecurOS Lite
    Software product from the Russian developer of ISS.
    The size and shelf life of the video archive is unlimited The
    maximum number of IP cameras is 32 channels of video + audio

    Operating systems: Windows
    Official website:

    7) Axxon Next
    High-performance new-generation video surveillance system on an open software platform with an intuitive user interface, from the Russian company ITV.

    It is interesting that the conditions for free versions differ depending on the language choice.

    For English-speaking citizens
    No more than 4 cameras, 1 server (unlimited number of clients), maximum archive size - 1 TB

    For Russian and Ukrainian speakers The trial
    version works from 8:00 to 18:00 - 1 month after the first installation, any number of cameras, servers and remote workstations (URM), without archive size limits

    Operating systems: Windows, Android, iOS, Windows Phone
    Official website: ,

    8) VideoNet Prime
    Software product from Skyros Corporation for building small video surveillance systems using IP and web-cameras.

    Connect up to 16 IP cameras in 25 fps mode, up to 2 web cameras in 25 fps mode, up to 4 remote workstations, archive depth 1 TB or 14 calendar days.

    Operating systems: Windows
    Official website:

    9) Line
    Devline Company positions itself as a developer of low-cost video surveillance systems.
    Connecting up to 16 IP cameras

    Operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Android
    Official website:
    Download: ,

    10) Xeoma
    Free mode allows you to use no more than 8 video sources and no more than three modules. 5 days of archive storage. Full comparison of features of free with paid functionality

    Operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Android
    Official site:

    11) AVReg
    It is an audio creation software / video recorders based on personal computers or servers running Linux and is a continuation and development of the LinuxDVR project.
    for non-commercial use (with a restriction of recording up to 4 cameras per client and without guaranteed technical support);
    Official website:

    12) Tracer - No more than 30 minutes in one session, in total no more than 4 hours a day.

    13) Alnet Systems Netstation - 4 channels, 7 days video archive.

    14) Argus DVR - Fully functional, watermark - not registered.

    15) Arteco Me - 2 channels.

    16) ATVideo VMS - No restrictions

    17) GeniusVision NVR - 16 channels

    18) Herospeed VMS - 64 channels

    19) ipConfigure Orchid - 4 channels

    20) Luxriot Evo Maximum resolution 1920 × 1080 pixels

    21)March Networks Command Lite 6 channels, one week recording.

    22) NovoSun - 64 channels

    23) Pelco DigitalSentry - 4 channels

    24) Vipaks - 6 hours of recording to the archive

    25) Ivideon - without restrictions

    26) Globoss
    number of video capture channels - up to 4; (video from video capture cards and / or IP cameras);
    number of channels received over the network - up to 16 (video from other GLOBOSS FREE servers);
    Webcast module is not supported;
    the number of connected clients to one server - no more than 4

    Free during the trial period

    27) Aimetis Symphony - 30 days

    28) Avigilon Control Center - 30 days

    29) Axis Camera Station - 30 days

    30) Blue Iris - 15 days

    31) CathexisVision - 5 channels, 60 days

    32) Digifort VMS - 30 days

    33) Exacq - 45 days

    34) IDIS Solution Suit - VMS - 70 days

    35) IndigoVision Control Center - 5 channels, 45 days

    36) Logiware go1984 - 30 days

    37) Ksenos - 90 days

    38) Macroscop - 30 days

    39)Milestone XProtect - 30 days

    40) Netavis Observer - 30

    41) Network Optix nxWitness - 4 cameras, 38 days

    42) OnSSI Occularis - 30 days

    43) SecuritySpy - 30 days

    44) SeeTec Cayuga - 30 days

    45) Sony RealShot Manager 30

    46) Vicon Valerus - 30 days

    47) VideoInsight VI Monitor - 60 days

    48) Wavestore VMS - 30 days

    Video Surveillance Equipment Manufacturers

    Each manufacturer of video surveillance equipment has its own software that usually works only with its equipment, so it seemed to us not very interesting to provide links to it as part of this review.

    You can watch it on manufacturers' websites about the largest manufacturers of video surveillance, we wrote here .


    Now that we have a choice of 46 programs for video surveillance from different developers, it is possible that the issue with software is closed.

    If you can’t say anything about the issue of hard, you are welcome to visit our site in the section with surveillance cameras with the best filter for choosing cameras.

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