Rust news # 3 (November 2018)

    KDPV about Rust2018

    I bring to your attention a subjective selection of rusty news for November. In this selection: Rust 2018, RustRush, video from conferences, Amazon Lambda and Firecracker, quizzes, switching exonum to actix-web, 10 reasons to use Rust.

    Rust poll results 2018

    schedule from the survey about the complexity of the study

    The results of the annual Rust survey ( discussion ), which has been going since August, are published .

    There is a lot of interesting information there, especially if viewed in dynamics compared to previous years, but there is a separate increase in the number of professionals using the language: if last year 21% of respondents used Rust at work, then this year - already 30%.

    Rust 2018

    Rust 1.31 will be released the other day - the first stable version with support for the new language edition: Rust 2018. ( what is the "edition"? )

    By the release of the new edition of the language, the official page of the language was redesigned - - which caused polarized feedback on formulations and color fonts (for example: 1 , 2 );

    AWS Firecracker (Amazon Web Services)

    firecracker logo

    "The AWS introduced Firecracker -" micro-virtualization "for Linux" :

    On AWS re: Invent 2018 , which is taking place these days in Las Vegas, Firecracker was announced - a new open source virtualization technology based on Linux KVM. The authors promise that “in a split second you can run lightweight micro-virtual machines (microVMs) in a non-virtualized environment, gaining the advantages of traditional VMs - in the form of security and isolation of workloads, and containers - in the form of efficient use of resources”.

    The basis for the project was the open source development from Google - crosvm from Chromium OS, which is written in Rust and is responsible for launching operating systems with virtualization of devices (but without emulating real hardware). Therefore, the Firecracker code is also written in the Rust language, and its authors promise to return their corrections to the code base of the parent project, although the projects themselves have diverged greatly in their purpose over time.


    Video reports from RustFest 2018 Rome

    Roman rafest logo

    Video reports from Rust Belt Rust 2018

    rastbelt logo

    All with rastfest looked? Then here is another supplement with Rust Belt Rust 2018 :

    Whole playlist .

    And let me drop the two-hour record of the Rust Bay Area Meetup to the heap .

    RustRush 2018 : Conference December 15-16 in Moscow

    logo of konfy

    RustRush 2018 is a Rust developer conference dedicated to web, blockchain, high performance and system programming.

    Less than two weeks left! CfP is finished, the final program of reports is posted .

    logo ( repository , discussion ) - a memo for Rust + selection of links to other similar memos. It may come in handy when immersed in a language.

    The site, by the way, is made using Zola (see below in the section for new and updated packages).

    How we translated Exonum from Iron to actix-web

    logo senior aksiksa

    An article on practical experience with relatively cunning generic code from Gorthauer87 . The code of the intestines is sometimes rather complicated, but the final result is convenient and beautiful for the user.

    10 unobvious benefits of using Rust

    freecoder_xx wrote a review article about the less advanced merits of Rust.

    This article contains a dozen of unobvious and not particularly advertised advantages of using Rust, which I hope will help you decide on the choice of this language for your projects.

    Rust quiz

    From the report of Alex grew up a site with medium and very complex issues for extreme cases and Rust's "warts" ( discussion ). By clicking the "reveal" button ("I give up") a detailed explanation is shown of what the hell is happening in the example code.

    The source code for this whole thing lives here . There can be done PRy, if you know more cool questions of this format.


    microcontroller marking rastom


    Ferris in a WA helmet


    Amethyst Engine Ecosystem :

    One line

    New and updated packages

    Some fresh packages for the month or significant updates old:


    By RFC (Request for Comments) it is quite convenient to observe which way the language is moving, so here are some interesting ones. In the PR header, there is a "Rendered" link, under which the RFC is available in a readable form.

    This month were taken:

    RFC in review:


    It was rejected by the RFC # 2328 Adopting A Ferris Officially - decided that Ferris is no particular reason to make the official mascot;

    That's all, thank you for your attention!

    If I have not added any important link or event, feel free to throw in the comments. :)

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