Flickr introduces new rules regarding the number of photos and videos users.

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The Flickr service, which allows its users to store photos and videos, decided to introduce new rules. They limit the amount of free storage for user content. As far as you can understand, all this is done in order to increase the number of paid subscribers.

From January 8 of this year, users can store in their account in the service no more than 1000 photos and videos. Those who have already exceeded this restriction will not be able to upload new materials. But the service did not automatically remove excess content, giving users the opportunity to download their data.

Earlier it was reported that this can be done before February 5, 2019. Now the date was postponed until March 12. The very first will start to delete old files. According to the service itself, archiving all user data with the formation of a downloaded zip archive can take about a week.

Many Flickr users have already stated that they will not use a paid subscription, but will simply work with other services.

Flickr also provided exceptions for those photos that are uploaded under a Creative Commons license. Any photos uploaded before November 1, 2018 with this license are not counted as a limit of 1000 photos.

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