The SpaceX CRS-16 mission for NASA is going well. Unsuccessful attempt to plant 1st level Falcon 9

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    Yes, in general, the mission is successful, the cargo ship is put into orbit, and the systems are working normally. The overall success of the mission is an attachment to the ISS, but it will happen on 12/08/2018 12:00 UTC. But, for a long time, the step was lost during landing. Mask tweeted:

    - stuck hydraulic pump lattice steering. But, despite these difficulties, the stage was able to successfully splash down and data arrive. The vessel has already gone to the "catch" of this stage.

    Before continuing to read / write something further, you need to pay attention to the message from NASA

    - everything is in order, they expect cargo on schedule, no claims of SpaceEx have been filed.

    If we recall the previous failures, it was during the launch of the Falcon Hevi, when the central stage did not get on the floating barge. There was not enough fuel to start the engines. True, it was a test launch, but if we look for previous unsuccessful landings, then it was 2016, an attempt to get on a floating barge. However, it is worth noting that all previous landings on land were successful.

    When viewing the stream, it was noticeable that the landing did not go according to plan, when the stage began to twist. Almost immediately, the video from the 1st stage was removed. The first thought was that there was an explosion to avoid damage. But a step further "controlled" fell. Mask about this reported:

    - it was a mistake to turn off the video broadcast. They will not do this in the future, they will show everything, including failures. But the question still remains, which in an emergency situation was not undermined by a step. And the second point is that despite such difficulties during landing, the step was still preserved and gently splashed down on the water. One can only congratulate the engineers of SpaceEx.


    The stage destruction system shuts off 2 minutes before landing.

    According to Hans Coenigsmann, the system shuts down after the engines are turned on again just before the landing itself, when the stage is in a safe zone, where it cannot harm the ground infrastructure.

    Step drifts ocean

    Hans Koenigsmann (Hans Koenigsmann) at the press conference after the launch of the rocket was himself puzzled, as the stage coped with such difficulties. An interesting case for studying and understanding that there are different cases and you need to be prepared for them. The Spaces are not bad at homework.

    I changed the title, because it is too “hyip” and, unfortunately, the information on this issue is not correctly perceived.

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