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    A stroke of the pen - and half of Epson projectors from October 2018, receive a 5-year warranty period . And yes, this also applies to "lamp" projectors!

    Laser and lamp - brothers forever

    For the past few years, we at Epson have been actively promoting bright installation projectors and, above all, new models with a laser light source .

    Just look, for example, at the joint booth of Epson, Ascreen and Image.ru at Integrated Systems Russia 2018 - only laser projectors were shown at the event !

    At the same time, laser projectors are the “top” devices in the Epson line. First of all - in terms of reliability and resource. And the best (and visual) indicator of reliability is the official warranty period , which for such models is 5 years or 20,000 hours (for most models), both for the light source and for the device itself. And even the air filter is designed for continuous operation throughout this period.

    However, this is no longer news - the news is that since October 2018, Epson has extended the maximum warranty period and, for a number of lamp projectors for business and education, is also up to 5 years!

    We offer everyone who would like to learn more about the new conditions of warranty for Epson projectors, to familiarize themselves with this post.

    Slightly more specific

    A complete list of current projector models and warranty conditions for each can be found here .

    As can be seen from the table, the warranty period expires after 2, 3 or 5 years from the date of purchase. For most models, there is also a limitation in the form of a warranty period of operating time, measured in hours : in the case of very intensive use of the projector, the operating time will expire earlier than the warranty period “in years”.

    Entertaining arithmetic

    Take for example laser projectors. Most are guaranteed "60 months or 20,000 hours from the date of sale (whichever comes first)" , but for some models, instead of 20,000, the service life is 12,000 hours (this applies to most ultrashort-focus laser projectors as well as projectors for audiences and conference rooms of series Epson EB-L400, EB-L500, EB-L600).

    EB-L25000U - Epson's first laser projector with a 5 year warranty / 20,000 hours

    12,000 hours - is it a lot or a little? In a year 8760 hours. For a year, a warranty resource cannot be worked out even with continuous operation in 24/7 mode, although it is already possible for 2 years. With continuous operation. The rest of the laser projectors cannot guarantee the service life even after 2 years of continuous around-the-clock use!

    If you take a less intensive mode of operation: only on weekdays, 8 hours per day, you get about 2000 hours of operating time per year. In this mode of operation, 12,000 hours is 6 years, and 20,000 hours are all ten . In this case, the guarantee will be limited no longer by production by the hour, but by the 5th year.

    Resource! = Warranty

    Also, do not confuse the official warranty period with the estimated resource of the light source, which is published in the specifications of the projector. For all laser projectors, 20000 hours are claimed in maximum power mode and 30,000 hours in economy mode (70% of maximum brightness). If the laser projector allows to reduce the brightness of the light source even more, then in this mode of operation the predicted resource will be even greater .

    As you know, the replacement of the light source of laser projectors is carried out only in the service centers . The good news, however, is that in practice this is quite a routine procedure. For example, the replacement cost for an Epson EB-L1405U installation projector is about 20% of the cost of a new projector, which makes such a replacement quite justified.

    Nevertheless, laser projectors are still “top-end” devices that do not claim mass distribution. Lasers have successfully replaced the lamps in the Epson installation projectors line with brightness from 6000 lumens and more - where ultra-long light source and high reliability are in high demand. Lasers are the obvious choice primarily for rental companies and where it is often required to work 24/7.

    Epson projectors (laser and lamp), which are covered by a five-year warranty period (the warranty is also specified in hours)

    However, in our office, for example, mainly lamp projectors of various types are still installed and working: from interactive to bright desktop and installation. Lamps do not lose their relevance due to the excellent balance of high brightness and low cost, as well as the speed and ease of replacement by the user.

    In addition, the lamps are used in the projectors for a long time, so they are thoroughly studied, and the production process is well established. Most Epson projectors for office and educational institutions claim a lamp life of 6000 hours at maximum power or 10,000 in eco mode (from 60% to 70% of max. Brightness).

    Speaking of business and education projectors, which should also be bright and work in a lighted room, Epson continues to adhere to its win-win formula:

    Lamp as a light source + 3LCD technology = bright projector in the budget segment

    And so, from October 2018, Epson extends the warranty period for a number of lamp projectors for business and education. We clarify that the warranty on the lamp, as a rule, is significantly less than on the projector itself, since the lamp is still a "consumable". Warranty conditions for the lamp can be viewed on the official website , but I would like to pay attention, after all, the warranty on the projectors themselves. As of November 2018, the situation is as follows:

    5 year warranty

    For 32-lamp models, the maximum warranty period has been extended from 2 or 3 years to 5 . These are the following models:

    • EB-500 short focus projectors. Yes, yes, no restrictions on the operating time in hours;
    • all lamp ultrashort-focus projectors (including interactive), bright desktop projectors of the EB-2000 series (except EB-2042), mobile office projectors of the EB-1700 series. For these models, the time limit is 8000 hours (this is 4 years of work in the mode of 8 hours per day).

    3 year warranty

    For 9 models, the warranty period has been increased from 2 to 3 years, with no limit on hours:

    • Epson EB-W42, EB-U42, EB-S39, EB-X39, EB-W39, EB-108;
    • EB-900 series of projectors.

    For tube installation projectors, the warranty period was previously 3 years. It is about two series:

    • EB-5000 series (3 years or 8000 hours);
    • EB-G7000 series (3 years or 20,000 hours).

    20,000 hours is 10 years, 8 hours of operation per day , as we counted earlier.


    For Epson, increasing the warranty is a matter of pride and confidence in the quality of its equipment. And for the buyer, this is an additional confirmation of the correctness of the choice of Epson as a supplier of business equipment.

    Due to this, in the fourth quarter of 2017, the company managed to take the first place in Russia and the CIS in sales of projectors with brightness of 4,000 lumens ( according to Futuresource agency ).

    And this is not the limit.

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