Google ReCAPTCHA Invisible or Down with Road Signs and Storefronts

    Hello! Although most readers of Habr do not need to explain what CAPTCHA is , why it was invented and what it is used for, I will allow myself a short historical digression.

    So, before, to register on the site or leave a comment, people broke their eyes, solving a captcha:
    Those who had vision problems could often listen to it:

    Something like this
    Audio CAPTCHA

    To solve the problem “on an industrial scale”, Indians or Chinese were used :)

    In 2007, smart people from Carnegie Mellon University came up with ReCAPTCHA to also continue to fight people with bots, but it’s also a good thing to do - to help digitize books. Under the motto "ReCAPTCHA - Stop Spam, Read Books" the project went to the masses.

    Remember how it all began?

    In 2009, after the purchase of the project, everyone began to help Google recognize house numbers.

    Photo from Google Street View
    Google Street View ReCAPTCHA

    In 2015, after the next update, using ReCAPTCHA (“No CAPTCHA ReCAPTCHA”) became even easier. Now just check the box next to "I'm not a robot" / "I'm not a robot":

    Something like that
    Google ReCAPTCHA

    If your “humanity” was in doubt, you just had to choose a few pictures correctly. For example, all shop windows, road signs, trains and much more.
    Technology does not stand still. Robots quite successfully hack now and ReCAPTCHA.

    You just look

    And now on to the case. Google is testing the next version of ReCAPTCHA - ReCAPTCHA Invisible :


    Its essence is that now there will be no need to press / enter / select anywhere to confirm that you are a person. For users, everything will be transparent if the “captcha” does not have doubts about its “humanity”.

    The project is in beta, but you can get the "invisible" re-captcha code now on this page . Developer documentation with implementation examples is available here .

    And what captcha did you see?

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Have you already used ReCAPTCHA Invisible in your projects?

    • 8.6% Yes, more convenient than regular recaptcha (write, than) 52
    • 1.1% Yes, but it didn’t work (write why) 7
    • 78.2% No, I didn’t know about the “invisible” recapture 469
    • 11.8% No, no desire to try 71

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