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    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 81 - Ekaterina Pavlenko on how the HolyJS program committee works from the inside
    podcastWeb Standards podcast, Issue No. 149: Rolling Scopes, accessibility, shapes and fonts, progressive graphics, as well as without React, dangerous open source
    podcastDevshakhta - podcast: 59: How to make a cool talk
    podcastPodcast “CSSSR”, News 512 - Issue No. 31 (26.11 - 02.12)
    videoVadim Makeyev's video blog: 11. A prototype of style isolation for Shower on web components
    videoWSD in Minsk, 2018 , broadcast recording (), 16 conference videos, where 16 world-class speakers covered the most important aspects of web productivity ( + notes for each report )
    videoFrontend NE: The conference 2018

    Web development

    Useful accessibility rules that will remain in memory.
    enBackground Fetch API: Get ready to use it!
    enHow and when to use the tabindex attribute.


    habrCraSSh: breaking all modern browsers with computations in CSS
    habrIntroduction to custom CSS properties
    Correct CSS cheat sheet - a tool with which you can quickly and visually conduct experiments with CSS grids and get the exit code
    enIntroduction to CSS Shapes
    enA look at CSS Reset (style zeroing) in 2018
    enOptions for turning on and stopping CSS animations
    enJust use: focus styles, damn it
    enCSS Animation 101 - Donovan Hutchinson's popular course is now in free books
    enAll about environment variables in CSS
    enNES.css CSS framework inspired by NES
    enEffects of creative rendering of images by hovering over links
    enGetting started with variable CSS fonts
    enCreating a CSS gallery with a Grid layout (with a blur effect and interactive media expressions)
    envideoCreating interfaces of the future: non-standard forms


    habrJavaScript Error Handling Guide
    videoState Of JavaScript 2018: Front , Data Solves Everything . Ilya Klimov examines the results of the popular poll
    the Microsoft released typescript 3.2
    Hide the JavaScript-code on the front end of the foreign
    How do zadolbalo opposition fucking const damn the let
    enMain sites contain unauthorized JavaScript on their payment pages
    enCompromised npm package: event-, stream
    enInfinite the Scroll using generators
    enLittle-known JavaScript functions
    enConcepts of functional programming in Javascript


    habrConfiguring Firefox / Chrome for a very slow and limited Internet
    Chrome developers are thinking about ending FTP support
    Opera 57 has received “smart” news and recommendations from Netflix
    Firefox 64 has a built-in task manager
    Browser for Firefox Reality 1.1 VR devices has been released
    enWeb Audio, Autoplay Policy and Games


    Picture of the world . Internet of things. How to automate your odd one today
    Why cryptocurrencies fall - 5 reasons from The New York Times
    SEO 101: facts, tips and myths of search engine optimization
    Data visualization in analytics: chart types and how to choose
    Why not give test items. And why you shouldn’t do them
    The OpenSSL project switches to the Apache license and changes the numbering scheme of the issues
    Instagram will describe the photos for visually impaired users
    Timeline: which projects Google has closed and why

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