New Year's release of API and Scorocode portal

    Hello, Habr. Happy you! As promised, by the end of the year they updated the Scorocode API and portal.

    Key innovations:

    • (at the request of workers) Opened the application management API
    • Implemented Telegram bot factory
    • Updated the design and functionality of the portal
    • Updated documentation

    And we have a promotion !

    Details under the cut.

    Application Management API

    We expanded the API protocol to include almost all internal methods. Now, after creating the application in your account, you can manage collections, fields, indexes, scripts, triggers through the API. This enables our customers to implement their own backoffice for application administration.

    By tradition, all new methods are implemented as POST requests with JSON content, the response from the API also comes in JSON.


    1. Getting an application with the entire collection structure and settings


    1. Retrieving a List of Collections
    2. Getting a specific collection
    3. Create Collection
    4. Collection change
    5. Delete Collection
    6. Cloning collection

    Collection Fields

    1. Creating a collection field
    2. Delete collection field

    Collection Indices

    1. Creating an index on the fields of the collection, incl. composite
    2. Delete Collection Index

    Server scripts

    1. Retrieving application folders and scripts along a path
    2. Create a new folder
    3. Delete a folder with all contents
    4. Fetch script
    5. Create a new script
    6. Script change
    7. Delete script

    Telegram bots

    Yes Yes. And we are there too. Now we can host Telegram bots. Event processing from the bot is written in a server-side script that is attached to the bot. Since in server scripts we have full support for npm, the scope for implementing a variety of bots is unlimited.
    Bot API methods:

    1. Bot creation
    2. Bot change
    3. Bot removal


    The portal has become bilingual, English has been added. The reason was that we had foreign users, and there are a lot of plans to enter foreign markets. The entire portal was rewritten to react + redux, which made it convenient and responsive.

    Pleasant trifles:

    1. Working with data in tables has become more convenient and understandable, especially in terms of working with fields of types Relation and Pointer
    2. In server scripts, you can now run the script and see console output from it

    By the way, according to claim 2, many requests were to implement a field for entering the input pool of script parameters for debugging. We decided not to do this, so as not to clutter up the interface. You can always write in the first lines of your script for debugging:

    pool.myData = "some test input data"


    Transferred documentation to the mkdocs engine . Added descriptions of the new API. Read more about innovations in the revised documentation .

    Promotion 1 * (fullPrice / 10) == 3 * fullPrice

    And now the best part. We start the New Year promotion until December 31, 2016 - the transition to the Indie tariff for only 990 rubles for 3 (!) Months. Here is such a math.

    The tariff gives access to the marketplace, increased server code execution time and the number of API requests, more PUSH notifications and expanded cloud storage.

    You can replenish the balance in your account from any card. You can pay the stock tariff in the "Settings" application on the "Tariff plan" tab.

    Extra bun

    The functionality for recognizing texts from images using the ABBYY engine is ready, but is not yet included in the production for the masses, that is, it is only available in corporate projects. Since the function is paid, about 2 rubles. for page A4, I would like to hear the opinion of a respected community about the relevance of this function. If you say what you need, turn it on.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you need paid functionality for recognizing texts from images in Scorocode?

    • 11.9% Yes, I need it, I’m ready to pay for it 5
    • 88% No, not needed 37

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