7 best free programs for conducting webinars in 2018


Webinars, as a modern means of communication and reporting, are used by various professionals, from teachers to brand managers and founders of companies.

Webinars are a popular and convenient way to connect users to your audience, whether students or customers. The popularity of webinars is achieved through a combination of flexibility of interaction and convenience of advanced technologies: instant adaptation of information to the listener, personalization of reporting information using answers to questions after webinars, and more.

At the most basic level, the webinar software includes video conferencing and audio conferencing. Some also offer features such as screen sharing, video recording, file sharing, and integration with other software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint.

Most of the webinar software is paid and many users come to traditional video conferencing software. Video conferencing software and webinar software are often very similar, but differ in the number of participants and functionality. However, many find the functionality they need for conducting webinars in free video conferencing software.

What you need to consider when choosing a category:

  • Number of participants
  • The duration of your event
  • Desired features (Record, Branding, etc.)
  • Need for scalability

The list that we give here includes solutions for webinars with free subscription options and does not include products that are available only during the trial period, etc.
They can support only one user or one project, but they are really free. However, scaling often requires full paid subscriptions.

Here are seven of the best free webinar tools for real G2 Crowd user reviews in 2018.

1. FreeConferenceCall.com

FreeConferenceCall.com supports webinars for 1000 participants. The product also has many features that are not usually provided with free products, including branding and round-the-clock customer service.

Free option: Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
Paid option: No


  • Screen sharing
  • International dialing
  • Record
  • 24 hour support
  • Custom branding
  • Custom URL

What users like

Shocked by this free service. Huge features such as call recording - this is super convenient! The screen sharing application (also free) is great too! I'm struggling to understand how these guys make money ...

Feedback from a user working in the field of renewable energy and the environment

What users don't like

Not many things I don’t like about him. Although I understand that it is free, but there is not enough, for example, the ability to send files. Sometimes listening can be annoying if there is someone who has poor service and needs to call back. When you do this, it disconnects the rest of the call and reconnection can take a long time. Delay sound can also be a problem.

Reviewed by Caitlin P.


It is an easy-to-use free program with many great features. She may not do everything, but depending on your needs, you may be surprised at what she can. Great customer service

Cheryl W. Review

2. Zoom

Zoom has become synonymous with video conferencing in business, with an intuitive design and high ease of use. Thanks to the free plan, users can take up to 100 participants for 40 minutes at a time with unlimited one-on-one meetings.

Free option: Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
Paid option: Zoom Webinar: $ 54.99 per month


  • Simultaneous screen broadcast
  • Showing active speaker
  • The possibility of joining by phone
  • Joint annotation on a common screen
  • Whiteboarding

What users like

I like having an alternative to Skype. I like the various Zoom features. Recently did a webinar, and it was great to use the function of a teacher. I managed to scan the group to find out how many people participated. I liked the opportunity for participants to ask questions and add comments. I had no connection problems, which is great. I also like how I can use it for personal online meetings. And the ability to use it on my phone really helped on the go!

Reviewed by Jeremiah K.

What users don't like

The functions of the webinar are sufficient to conduct a full-fledged webinar, including using surveys, markup tools, etc. At the same time, the platform still lacks integration with other tools, such as autoresponders (for example, ConvertKit, Active Campaign, etc.). d.)

Reviewed by Jorge C.


I looked at a lot of software to be sure that I was making the right choice. You can start with Zoom and grow organically. It is easy, cost effective and technically excellent.

Reviewed by Graham B.

3. UberConference

UberConference offers simple features and can accommodate up to 10 people with a free package. This is a great option if you want to host a webinar without video and only with media materials such as PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Free option: available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
Paid option: $ 10 per line: up to 100 participants, without audio advertising, international access


  • Unlimited number of conferences
  • Screen sharing
  • Document exchange
  • Record

What users like

Uberconference is easy to figure out. Easy to set up meetings. Many of my users are not technically savvy, so I need something very simple. I had no problem with my users to log in and view the webinar or training. Great software

Feedback from the admin in higher education

What users don't like

The only drawback is that the screen sharing options are available only to users who use Google Chrome as their main browser. The moderator uses the Uber Conference Google Extension

Reviewed by Phil C.


I used it only for a small number of people. It works great for this. If you are looking for an opportunity to hold a conference for a large number of participants, this may not be what you are looking for.

Reviewed by Jan B.

4. Skype

Skype’s voice and video calling features allow you to simultaneously accommodate up to 25 people in a webinar. Given the popularity of Skype, your audience probably already has an installed application, and this is a minus one extra step between you and the participants in your event.

Free option: Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
Paid option: No


  • File sharing
  • Group chat
  • Screen sharing

What users like

I like the fact that Skype allows me to communicate with several people at the same time, at no extra charge. The company is recognized worldwide, and it provides less trouble when dealing with people because of its ease and accessibility.

Reviewed by Sachi V.

What users don't like

In my opinion, Skype really works best when you have a stable Internet connection. Sometimes, when the connection to the network is weak, it is very difficult to communicate. Problems with sound in the system are also a common problem that I face.

Reviewed by Jay-ar A.


If you are looking for a product that is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and the Web (and all major mobile devices), Skype is your solution. Easy to set up, quite easy to use. Sometimes he has connection problems, but in most cases there are no problems.

Reviewed by Zee G.

5. join.me

join.me is a great, no-frills solution for conferences and webinars. It boasts a robust mobile application and a clean user interface. The free version provides hosting for up to three members, making it an ideal choice for small team meetings.

Free option: Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
Paid option: $ 10 per user per month: up to five participants, personal URL, offline sound, unlimited calls and Internet calls
$ 20 per user per month: up to 50 participants, 10 video streams, additional toll-free numbers, user management, unlimited audio conference
$ 30 per user per month: up to 250 meeting participants, single sign-on, Salesforce integration


Screen sharing
Free sound via VoIP

What users like

Easy to use user interface. All intuitive, rarely having problems with the setting. In addition, the audio conference function is always of very good quality. The ability to customize the background and icons is also a big plus. Any chance that we can improve the branding of our company is a plus.

Review Spencer H.

What users don't like

I prefer not to use the application for the desktop, but the application for mobile applications and tablets compensates for this. On the desktop I use the web version of the application.

Feedback from a financial services user


If you want to use it for simple meetings, where you can see each other’s screens and even change the role of the presenter or share the mouse controls, this is fantastic. If you want to do a more formal webinar or presentation, this is not ideal.

Reviewed by Robert H.

6. Apache OpenMeetings

Apache OpenMeetings offers an amazing amount of unique features for a free product, including a moderation and user management system. The software is open source, and its community is committed to supporting new users through an active forum.

Free option: Available for Windows and Mac
Paid option: No


  • Record
  • File Explorer
  • Moderation system
  • Chat
  • User and Room Management
  • Private messages
  • Integrated calendar
  • Polls and polls

What users like

Whiteboard and streaming server were the features that received the most positive feedback. We had a convenient connection and uptime. Honestly, knowing the most attractive for us is the fact that open source software

Feedback by an administrator

What users don't like

I do not like the fact that Apache OpenMeetings looks outdated and does not have a modern design.

Review Logan L.


Make sure your system meets the specifications.

Reviewed by Steve H.

7. InstaWebinar

InstaWebinar is a completely free service with unique functionality. It allows up to 100 participants with no duration limits.

Free option: Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
Paid option: No


  • Sharing PowerPoint and Webcams
  • Creates lists of names and email addresses of participants

When choosing which webinar software is best for you, think about how many people you expect to receive. Also keep in mind the extra features you need to make the event most effective for achieving your goals.

Afterword from the authors of the translation

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