CocoaHeads Meetup Announcement December 2

    On the first Friday of December there will be a regular meeting of iOS developers CocoaHeads Moscow. This time we will gather in the office of Rambler & Co. The meeting program includes three reports on very different topics - both about general architectural approaches to iOS applications, and about the processes of developing and receiving feedback from users when launching new functionality.

    Promises, or why promises must be kept

    Mikhail Rakhmanov, iOS developer, Rambler & Co

    When developing applications for iOS, we often encounter the need for sequential execution of asynchronous operations. Using promises is one way to solve this problem. In our report, we will outline the advantages and disadvantages of this approach, develop a simple implementation of promises for iOS with chaining and error handling, and also consider typical use cases on the example of a demo application - a drum machine.

    Using SpriteKit in non-gaming applications

    Max Gribov, freelance iOS / macOS developer, designer

    Let's look at the basic principles of working with the SpriteKit framework, and we will also discuss how to use it in non-game projects.

    How we develop App in the Air - processes, life hacks, analytics

    Bayram Annakov, CEO, App in the AirSergey Pronin, CTO, App in the Air

    Our colleagues in App in the Air will reveal the following aspects of their development processes:

    1. How to invent features
    2. How to implement and run a feature
    3. How to evaluate the result
    4. Errors and lessons of more than five years of development on the world market
    5. How we work with users and feedback
    6. How we work with vendors

    Registration required: Timepad

 December 2, 19:00

 Moscow, Varshavskoye sh., 9, p. 1, business center “Danilovskaya Manufactory”, building “Rows of Soldatenkov”, 55.698686, 37.624554

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