Anycubic Photon: A Mini-Review of an Affordable Photopolymer 3D Printer

    Stereolithographic photopolymer 3D printers are becoming increasingly available. Before us is one of the most interesting low-end models of 2018 - the Anycubic Photon LCD printer , a photopolymer 3D printer for printing at home, in the office and in the workshop.

    Characteristics Anycubic LCD Photon

    • Power consumption, W: 40
    • Dimensions, mm: 220x200x400
    • Weight, kg: 6.6
    • Software: Anycubic Photon Slicer
    • Flare wavelength, nm: 405
    • Light source: UV-LED
    • Working chamber, mm: 115x65x155
    • Print resolution: 2560 * 1440
    • Printing technology: LCD
    • Layer thickness from: 25 microns
    • Printing accuracy: XY: 47 microns, Z: 1.25 microns
    • Display: 2.8 "color TFT
    • Interfaces: USB
    • Print speed, mm / h: 10-20
    • Price: 32 679 rubles (the price is approximate and can vary, check the link)



    Anycubic has been recognized by users for its low-cost FDM printers.

    About the printer

    Available for sale this spring, the first photopolymer model from Photon is no exception. This is an affordable and reliable solution, with quality prints at the level of 3D printers worth hundreds of thousands of rubles.

    To be precise, Anycubic Photon is an LCD printer. Under the bathroom with a photopolymer is a liquid crystal screen with ultraviolet illumination - it is this system that illuminates the resin in layers. The screen resolution is 2560 by 1440 points - a good indicator for a device whose value does not exceed 50 thousand rubles.

    Equipment and device

    The 3D printer comes fully assembled. The kit, in addition to the device, includes a probe with resin, protective equipment - gloves and a mask, disposable funnels for cleaning the resin, a replaceable film for the bath, a set of keys and a plastic spatula.

    You can control the device using the touch screen. On the right panel, below, there is a power button and a USB connector for the USB flash drive.

    Opening the lid, we get access to the main components - the working platform and the bath for a photopolymer, which is placed directly over the LCD screen.

    Software, materials and printing

    Before you begin, you must perform a calibration in manual mode. This procedure takes 5-7 minutes. Recalibration is required if you encounter problems when printing.

    The manufacturer recommends to monitor the purity of the LCD screen and PTFE film at the bottom of the bath. Dust should be removed carefully so as not to damage the surface - use a cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

    The model is prepared using a slicer, which can be installed from a complete flash drive or downloaded from the company's official website.

    The set of settings is minimal - layer thickness, exposure time, the parameters of the first layers. But this is quite enough, especially if you are printing with Anycubic resin.

    By the way, the printer is omnivorous - you can choose any photopolymer available to you, which is exposed to ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 405 nanometers.

    Supports are generated both automatically and manually. The process of creating them is flexible.

    The finished model is stored in the Anycubic internal format, and printing is carried out directly from the flash drive.

    Fill the resin, about a third the height of the bath, and run the model to print.

    If you are a beginner 3D printer, then a working volume of 115x65x155 millimeters will be quite enough; for most everyday tasks, more is not needed.

    In terms of layer thickness and print quality, Anycubic Photon is not inferior to more complex and expensive photopolymer devices.

    If earlier you only printed on FDM printers, then you will have to get used to working with resin. For example, for many it turns out to be a surprise post-processing process and requirements for cleaning the device from resin residue.

    But there is no difficulty in learning. Moreover, the "Photon" is supplied with well-developed documentation. There is a growing user community Anycubic. Yes, and on the Internet, you can easily find tips and tricks to work with this 3D-printer.


    Affordable price, ease of operation and maintenance, high-quality printouts - today it is one of the best solutions on the market, ruled by photopolymer printers worth hundreds of thousands of rubles.

    If you are looking for a professional tool for use in dentistry or jewelry, then you should consider a more serious model.

    But 3D printing enthusiasts who would like to learn the basics of photopolymer printing and use this printer in everyday life are unlikely to find something more interesting.

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