His fleet of 11 polygons, nothing to do with the present

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If you can create a realistic environment, like a river from previous material , that's cool. But when you are limited in time and resources, it is better to do the mechanics and gameplay. And on the prototype, the environment can be made easier.

Therefore, yes, a carpet of only 11 polygons. Simple but elegant. Under the cut a small guide translation.

I was thinking about carpets. In particular, about the beautiful terry from the game Event [0] :

This carpet hypnotized me. He looked great: very fluffy and soft. This is the level with which I compare all the carpets.

Right now I am working on Skin Deep and suddenly I realized that there are carpets in my game. I need to make carpets!


This is what the final version looks like:

And this is how the carpet looks in the model editor:

It consists of only eleven polygons and looks like a natural carpet! In general, I am satisfied.

How it works

I don’t know how Event [0] developers made their carpets, but I had an idea about a possible way. I remembered reading an article about the fur making technique in Shadow of Colossus. It was always curious to try it yourself. And this carpet has become an excellent occasion.

My carpet consists of several layers:

Each layer is a flat surface. The texture is a bundle of dots representing carpet fibers. When you put the layers tightly together, an illusion of a fluffy carpet is created.

Here are animations of folding layers:


I used eleven flat surfaces. Eleven is a random number. I think you can use less - it will still look good.

And three textures, each of which is 1024 × 1024.

Texture for the five lower layers:

For three medium:

And for the three upper layers:

It is important to note:

  • The higher the texture, the more empty it becomes. This gives the carpet fibers some variation in height.
  • Dark spots are superimposed on each texture. This gives the illusion of frayed areas and tangled fibers.
  • Lower textures are darker than upper ones. This effect also creates the illusion of a real carpet.

Technique can be used to create animal fur, grass, foliage - try.


As a child, my father told me that the more moving parts a car had, the higher the likelihood that something would go wrong with it. But a hammer or screwdriver almost never breaks. At its core, video games are the same machine with a mass of moving parts.

I like the solution with the carpet, because it is simple. It, like a screwdriver, will not break and would work even in 1996. There is something beautiful about it.

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