We invite you to an open lecture by Vyacheslav Utochkin “Monetization actions: how to double the income of your game”

    Hello! On September 21, the Higher School of Business Informatics of the National Research University Higher School of Economics will have a free open lecture on creating games on the theme “ Monetization campaigns: how to double the income of your game ”. In content, it corresponds to one of my classes on the paid educational program "Management of gaming Internet projects."

    I will conduct an open lecture, Vyacheslav Utochkin, director of this program. Before he took up educational programs in the gaming industry, he launched the multi-player tank action Armored Warfare, operated MMORPG Perfect World, browser-based shooter Booms and other games.

    The event is held within the framework of the eight-month educational program of professional retraining " Management of gaming online projects"and the weekly continuing education programs" VAMR: VR development methodology "and" The practice of monetizing online games ", which are currently

    attracting listeners. The lecture will be interesting for both novice developers who want to learn effective ways to monetize their games, and current gaming staff studios aimed at systematizing their own knowledge of gamedev and exploring new approaches to the methodology of monetizing games, and of course, people who are interested in games and are considering starting to work in the gaming industry . By the way, many of our students successfully employed in the gaming companies directly during training, and public lecture each guest can be filled separately to work in the gaming industry on the stand of our partner -Spice Agency .

    What will be discussed at the lecture:

    • On the classification of monetization shares with analysis of their mechanics on 20+ real cases .
    • About the methodology of working with stocks and the key principles of their implementation.
    • On the impact of shares on the financial performance of games on the experience of different projects in relative terms with graphs.
    • About the pitfalls that should be avoided when starting stocks , with real examples, so to speak, “Fails Compilation”.
    • And of course homework , where would you go without it on the analogue of the combat lecture of the program “Management of gaming Internet projects”.

    At the end of the lecture, everyone will be able to ask his question about the development of games for me and other teachers of our educational programs.

    And there will also be a raffle for the lecture students. Among those who fill out the questionnaire following the results of the lecture, we will choose three people as a random number generator, each of whom will receive a ticket for a Moscow business conference for the White Nights gaming industry as a gift !

    We invite you to attend the lecture for free! But there is a nuance - the number of places is limited, so be sure to REGISTER .

    And just in case, I will write again about the place and time: September 21 from 19:00 to 21:30(it is better to arrive 15 minutes earlier) in the city of Moscow near the metro station Rizhskaya on ul. Trifonovskaya, d. 57, p. 1.

    If you have any questions about the event, then ask in the comments. I will be glad to answer.

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