Food Design Digest July 2016

    For six years now, I have been publishing regular reviews of recent articles on the topic of interfaces, new tools and collections of patterns, interesting cases and historical stories. From the tapes of several hundred thematic subscriptions, approximately 5% of the publications worth publishing are selected, which are interesting to share. Previous materials: April 2010-June 2016 .

    Food Design Digest July 2016

    Patterns and Best Practices

    Testing Credit-Card Numbers In E-Commerce Checkouts (Cheat Sheet)
    Andy Carter has put together a good selection of test credit card data to verify payment forms.

    Mailing lists


    ALT texts

    Guidelines for platforms and companies

    Andrei Sundiev - Design Systems: From UI Kit to Live Guides
    My colleague Andrei Sundiev described a piece of the current state of the Mail.Ru Group design system. The presentation describes very well the work with variables, current developments on live guidelines and other key aspects of unification. By the next spring, we will have material for the next version of a detailed story about our design system.

    Building a New Illustration Style for Shopify
    Meg Robichaud from Shopify talks about how the company created and implemented a new, unified style of illustrations and icons. Very good practical case. Pattern Lab 2.0 The second version of the framework has been released. In an article on Smashing Magazine, creators talk in detail about updates . Many interesting solutions, although integration with the main product code is still not very smooth. Demo build .

    Building a New Illustration Style for Shopify

    Other design systems news:

    iOS 10

    Material design

    User understanding

    Building Personas at Optimizely
    A great example of creating characters from the Optimizely team, based on qualitative and quantitative research, and used in real work. Vox Product Accessibility Guidelines An excellent checklist of general accessibility guidelines for people with disabilities from Vox Media. They want to make it open, so that anyone can make additions. Other materials on the topic:

    Building personas at optimizely

    Vox Product Accessibility Guidelines

    The UX Secret That Will Ruin Apps For You
    Fast Co.Design has collected product examples where deliberately slowing down the interface makes users feel calm. Request processing too fast raises concerns that the system simply did not work.


    Information architecture, conceptual design, content strategy

    Micro Moments -
    AIC's Guide to Successful Mobile Marketing A translation of the Google Micro Moments Guide . It is also available as a presentation .

    Content-First Prototyping
    Translation of an Andy Fitzgerald article on an interesting approach to content prototyping. He set up a bunch of Excel and Jekyll static site generator with a couple of technology layers, so that he can quickly get an interactive prototype with real content and it’s very easy to update it.

    Design and design of interface screens

    Adobe xd

    Sketch 39 Brings Symbol Resizing and Cloud Beta The
    new version showed the rudiments of working with adaptability - symbols can have different logic when resizing. In addition, the update introduced the first version of Sketch Cloud for publishing layouts on the Internet. Translation and  description of the principles of adaptability .

    Other materials and plugins: - A chatbot sketch tool. Make video of a bot conversation
    BotSociety tool allows you to quickly build a dialogue and check the interaction with the bot. Everything is done through a web form, the output is a video of work.

    Axure RP 8 - The online mockup scene creator
    An unusual service for a spectacular presentation of design. It allows you to assemble an entire scene from typical objects in which your product will be displayed on devices. 6 The sixth generation of the instrument has been released. Work with animation has been simplified, a lot of interaction patterns have appeared, a bunch of tools for remote usability testing, and the ability to view screens in the form of a specification have appeared. - The online mockup scene creator


    Reviews and comparisons of prototyping tools

    User research and testing, analytics

    IBM Design Research
    IBM has published a user research manual. As in other design guides from the company, there is a lot of useful information on the approach, principles, cases. True, the description of specific methods refers to a third-party directory. The subtleties of selecting respondents for UX research Natalia Sprogis described in great detail the subtleties of selecting respondents for UX research. How Many Test Users? The number of respondents is determined by expectations of the accuracy of the study. There is a minimum, there is a reasonable optimum. What user researchers ought to know about informed consent

    Ibm design research

    Subtleties of selecting respondents for UX research

    David Travis gives tips on how to get consent for user research from respondents. What to sign and what to just say.

    SUS (System Usability Scale)

    Visual programming and design in the browser

    New scripts

    Web Typography

    Work with color on the web




    UX Strategy and Management

    Designing Credible Studies - A Research Framework
    An excellent approach by Meena Kothandaraman and Zarla Ludin to plan user research and “sell” their value to the business. Their model offers four stages of work on the product, each of which has its own value for the product manager and specific methods. Continuing the topic:

    Designing Credible Studies - A Research Framework

    Great Products Don’t Happen By Accident
    Jon Lax published an article based on his presentation, in which he offers an interesting approach to systematizing the methods of work of designers. He cites the example of American football coaches who always have a set of game games for any situation. This perfectly fits the process of working on the product. Defining Product Design - A Dispatch from Airbnb's Design Chief Alex Schleiffer, Airbnb's vice president of design, talks about how he has systematized in the company. Continuing the topic:

    Great Products Don't Happen By Accident

    Defining Product Design - A Dispatch from Airbnb's Design Chief

    Discovery Kanban at Optimizely
    How the product team Optimizely works in an iterative format. They divided the process into two parts (problem study and production), so that design and research fit well into agile development. Go Holistic - Assess the Maturity of Your Organization Via the Customer Experience Ger Joyce, Mindy Maxwell, Jay Brewer and Saurabh Dutta talk about the customer experience maturity model in the company. An Interview with Leah Buley Interview with Leah Buley about her work at Forrester. She recently left there and again works as a private consultant. Five Best Practices for Becoming a Data-Driven Design Organization, part 3

    Discovery Kanban at Optimizely

    Go Holistic - Assess the Maturity of Your Organization Via the Customer Experience

    Michelle Bacigalupi describes the introduction of a systematic approach to working with user research and analytics in a well-known, but not named conferencing service. The third part of the article is dedicated to the process and hiring.

    Product Management and Analytics

    Minimum Valuable Problem
    Scott Sehlhorst suggests thinking with the term Minimum Valuable Problem instead of the Minimum Viable Product. A well-described minimal solution to the problem is already a minimally sufficient product, while an early version of the product that solves the problem only by half has limited usefulness.

    Minimum Valuable Problem


    Redesign Cases

    Непрошенные редизайны


    Aspect Ratios in Art - What Is Better Than Being Golden? Being Plastic, Rooted, or Just Rational? Investigating Aspect Ratios of Old vs. Modern Paintings The
    coolest study of works of art on the subject of whether they follow the proportions of the golden ratio. The quick answer is no, this is not a general rule. Translation . Y Combinator's Xerox Alto: restoring the legendary 1970s GUI computer Y Combinator wants to restore the legendary Xerox Alto computer, the first commercial product with a graphical user interface. The article has a very good history of the product and the GUI in general. Great Apps Timeline Great Apps Timeline website collects different design versions of well-known mobile applications.

    Aspect Ratios in Art


    Machine learning for designersMachine Learning for Designers
    A cool free report / mini-book on machine learning for designers from O'Reilly. This year the topic has become especially hot and it is important for designers to understand the principles of these technologies.

    The Complete Beginner's Guide To Chatbots
    A Bot Making Guide by Matt Schlicht. Translation . Other materials on the topic:

    The Complete Beginner's Guide To Chatbots

    Templates for UI design in VR
    Design principles for virtual reality by Sam Applebee from Kickpush. DesignX - Complex Sociotechnical Systems Detailed article by Donald Norman and Pieter Jan Stappers on DesignX. Their understanding of the term and the essence of similar tasks over the past year has deepened. At the end of the article there is an interesting discussion with the participants of a seminar on this topic, held in December 2015 in China. Continuing the topic:

    Templates for UI design in VR

    Car interfaces

    Algorithmic Design

    10 Emerging Digital Health Trends You Can't Miss in 2016
    VentureClash Digital Medicine Trends for This Year. The most interesting for us is No. 7: special attention to improving UX. Translation .

    For general and professional development

    Web Design in 4 minutes
    Great simple tutorial on design basics by Jeremy Thomas. As you progress through key messages, the page turns from bare text to neatly designed. Why So Many UX Analogies? Recently, more and more controversial articles have been published in the spirit of "what the UX can learn from the Game of Thrones." Jim Ross discusses whether they are useful and why people love them so much. Careers in UX - How different organizations approach user experience design Laith Ulaby quite succinctly describes the pros and cons of working as a designer in four types of companies. Product company, agency, startup and a third-party IT organization.

    Web design in 4 minutes

    Why So Many UX Analogies?

    People and companies in the industry

    Instacart Design Instacart Design
    Team Blog.

    Peek Inside a Facebook Design Critique
    The Facebook design team is publishing a transcript of one of its critique sessions as part of a feedback initiative for third-party projects.

    Jokes about designers for 400

    Conference proceedings

    Product Design Intensive from the Mail.Ru Group team in Britannica A
    detailed report on the product design intensive in Britannica, which was supervised by Mail.Ru Group designers. Here are collected all the presentations that our team read and the educational projects that students made. Fresh links can also be tracked in the same Facebook group or receive once a month by mail . Thanks to everyone who also publishes links in it, especially Gennady Dragun, Pavel Skripkin, Dmitry Podluzhny, Anton Artemov, Denis Efremov, Alexei Kopylov, Taras Brizitsky, Evgeny Sokolov and Anton Oleinik. More and more materials appear in reviews thanks to them. Subscribe to our newsletter ! A letter arrives once a month.

    British Higher School of Design

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