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    Love is like dark matter: it is not visible, but it is. On Valentine's Day, a mysterious substance materializes in the form of cute greeting cards with hearts, chocolate and gifts. We are pleased to join this process, and therefore we offer a special selection of gifts by February 14. You can give them another day when you want to show your feelings.

    Backpack XD Design Bobby XL

    Dutch studio XD Design a couple of years ago released a backpack with protection against pickpockets called Bobby . It turned out to be so popular that the designers developed several more versions. XD Design Bobby XL - one of them, made at the insistent requests of fans of the unforgettable original.

    Two things protect Bobby XL pickpockets: several layers of non-cuttable materials and smart construction. The backpack has no easily accessible external pockets, and the zipper of the main compartment is hidden under the fold of the fabric. On the back it looks like a smooth tortoise shell, and has no noticeable vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, there are pockets - secret. Under the right shoulder strap is the USB port for charging the smartphone, which should lie just in one of these pockets.

    The main feature of Bobby XL is the increased volume: 15 liters versus 13 liters of the original backpack. In a large backpack is placed a laptop with a diagonal of 17 inches. He doesn’t have to be thin MacBook, the width of the compartment is enough for a “thick” workhorse (like Dell). Heavy machine magically seems easier if carried in Bobby XL. The backpack distributes the weight and does not delay the shoulders so that the back does not hurt from the toes. Such a caring backpack will remind you that its owner is valued and loved.

    Search tracker Chipolo Classic

    In the modern world to find love is simple: there is the Internet for this. But with the lost keys things were difficult, until the Slovak startups did not come up with Chipolo . Chipolo Classic is a Bluetooth tracker in the form of a keychain that attaches to a thing that is often lost: keys, wallet, backpack, favorite pair of socks. Then the device connects to the smartphone with a proprietary application. Done: now marked thing will always be at hand.

    To find a thing with the tracker, just click on the button in the application, and the gadget will respond with a shrill trill. On the contrary, it also works: click the tracker button so that the lost smartphone will give a voice. If both the tracker and the smartphone are lost, you can find out where they are on the map on the Chipolo website.

    The range of Chipolo Classic is 60 meters. In cases where the item is outside this zone, the Chipolo application will help. There is also a map where the last known location of the tracker is indicated. In addition, other users of the Chipolo system “ping” lost things and update their location just by passing by. By accidentally forgetting the wallet with the tracker in the cafe, you will receive a notification that Chipolo has left the zone of visibility. On the map it becomes clear where to look, and then you can turn on the "siren".

    Sonic Toothbrush Foreo ISSA mini 2

    A toothbrush can be a romantic gift if it is a Foreo brush. This Swedish company has become an Instagram legend thanks to outstanding beauty gadgets. The elegant sound brush Foreo ISSA mini 2 also literally asks for a selfie.

    In addition to space design, the advantages of a gadget include a long job. Batteries last for 8 months of use, and they charge in an hour. The head of non-porous silicone and BPT-polymer will last six months, without collecting bacteria. The bristles do not traumatize the gums and effectively clean the plaque from the enamel of the teeth.

    ISSA mini 2 motivates the owner to take care of hygiene. On the brush handle there are two emoticons: sad and smiling. The first lights up if you do not take a brush in your hand for more than 12 hours; the second is after a high-quality two-minute teeth cleaning.

    Zavtra Leather Accessories

    Zavtra's minimalist leather accessories are designed for people who love order and neat design. These are key cases, covers for documents, covers for smartphones, clutches with crib banks and wallets stitched from genuine leather. The skin is durable and does not lose its appearance over time.

    Passport cover and minimalist wallet - the best representatives of the entire collection. In addition to the document, several credit cards are placed on the cover, so that it completely replaces the wallet.

    The wallet has compartments for 5 cards and a money clip; it is thin, it doesn’t bristle and doesn’t stick out even from the front pocket of jeans.

    Pacsafe Daysafe Tech Crossbody Bag

    For 20 years, Pacsafe has been developing and producing backpacks and bags for travelers, protected from autopsies and theft. Pacsafe Daysafe Tech Crossbody is a small bag for smartphones and documents that you shouldn't take with you on a trip to Barcelona, ​​Rome and other European capitals of pickpockets.

    The volume of Tech Crossbody is 0.2 liters, it holds a smartphone (including a phablet), plastic cards, a passport, headphones. The bag will not be cut off from the shoulder, because the strap is reinforced with a steel sling. The zipper of the main compartment is crocheted, and the fabric blocks RFID attacks. With this accessory it is convenient to travel light.

    Designers Ugears

    Designers Ugears embody the spirit of steampunk in the tree. The company's designers are sets of laser-cut wooden parts that are assembled without a single drop of glue and without foreign tools.

    Collect them for a long time, but interesting and exciting. It is especially pleasant to understand the ingenious mechanisms that drive ready-made models in motion: a wooden horse walks, locks close and open, trains and cars drive! Build Ugears - quite a plan for a date . The film will be forgotten, the ice cream will be eaten, and the assembled designer will be a long time to remind you of the time well spent together.

    You can order all the products from the collection in our online store, including in a special sectionwith gifts on February 14th. Until 15.02, the entire Madrobots range is subject to a 10% discount on the promo code HBR14 .

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