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    Friends, on communication content studio Habra. November 29, we hold our own conference about content and authors. We will teach, inspire and tell the best way - in two simultaneous streams of reports and discussions. Speakers are experts in the field of content marketing, who for years have worked out and tested cool chips and will now share them.


    Within the framework of the conference, we will organize our first contest of IT articles “Golden Spool” “TechnoText” with a dozen of various nominations. And this is already half of the Oscar ceremony! All the details under the cut.

    So, we will evaluate the articles in the following categories:

    • The best expertise
    • Best serve
    • The best report
    • Programming
    • Administration
    • Information Security
    • Mobile development
    • Testing
    • Blockchain
    • Devops
    • Popular science
    • Do it yourself

    The deadline for submission of works is November 23, 2018. More information and application form - on the contest website . By the way, not only posts published on Habré are accepted, but also materials from other sources.

    Winners of the competition will be invited to our conference "Content". This year it will become even richer and will be held in two thematic streams - “Creative” and “Technology”. During the day, we will combine them for big discussions, during which the publishers and then the editorial offices of the companies will present their views on modern media trends.

    In total, viewers are waiting for nearly two dozen reports on content, motivation and promotion. Before lunch we will tell you how to use augmented reality technologies in social networks, where multimedia content is moving, why any editor should be able to write texts for interfaces, how to properly promote technologies and analyze content. In the afternoon, we will tour the technology communities abroad and design trends for editors. We will tell you how to work with bloggers most effectively and build content teams. Then let's give the floor to the techno-authors of Habr. Detailed program and other information is on the conference website .

    Finally - a few tips from members of the jury of the "TechnoText" contest, which you will also see on the "Content" scene.

    Mikhail Bode, IT journalist, creator of

    - Great content - what is it?
    - It helps to achieve the goals for which it was made. Another, not a mandatory sign of excellent content: even editors and other people with media professional information when reading for at least some time cease to perceive it from the outside as a product, and are immersed in the material as ordinary readers. A pinch of magic, pixie dust in it should be.

    - What technologies in the content work?
    - It's funny, but content marketing has something to borrow from engineering practices: continuous deployment, code review, everything. In general, it employs all the technologies that are effective in the transfer of information. For example, it is easy for me to imagine how, before diving into a longrid on a specific topic, the reader will be subjected, as they say today, to onboarding with the help of VR scenes.

    - What advice would you give to a newbie?
    - Avoid the two extremes. On the one hand, do not consider that the editor is only a “text manager”. On the other hand, do not focus on correcting spelling errors, stylistic editing - in general, “on letters”. And yet: not from any criticism can and should be gained. Most often, people only care about themselves, and under the plausible excuse - to help a neophyte - many people like to arrange their benefit performance.

    Anton Polyakov, head of the content studio:

    - Excellent content - what is it?
    - Without much walking around the bush, with tests, comparisons, figures, facts and examples. Well, links to primary sources.

    - What technologies in the content work?
    - The technological issue is wide. It is necessary to use the available tools for monitoring publications, data collection tools. There are services and technologies for analyzing the texts themselves, which can help make it cleaner and more compact.

    - What advice would you give to a newbie?
    The feeling of audience, style and awareness of quality comes only with practice. It is necessary to write more often and boldly, and use local failures solely as a springboard for further improvement.

    Oleg Chirukhin, community manager:

    - Wonderful content - what is it?
    - I am a programmer by the first profession, so I will answer with a simple principle: it works - do it, it doesn't work - stop it. Great content - this one that works great. Everything. The magic of simple principles.

    - What technologies in the content work?
    - This question is somewhat incomplete. Work for whom? Work for what? Personally, it is important to me that the content performs the tasks of the reader. Imagine that you took a text editor, tried to enter text, and nothing happened. This text editor will not be used. The same is true with the texts: readers are bought with a click header and KDPV, they go inside and expect to see something that will help in solving current problems. They will not read helpless texts. There is always a temptation to push into the text more native integrations and selling links, but I, as the author of the text, must first defend the interests of the reader. To defend them in front of the employer, customer, marketing department - by anyone. Of course, for this I must have certain opportunities and rights. There is a good article on this topic.A Developer Relations Bill of Rights ”- there is about devrel, not writing texts, but for me these are very close things. If the content performs the tasks of the reader - it works, if it does not, it does not work. In the first case, you need to continue, in the second - to stop. Everything is very simple.

    - What advice would you give to a newbie?
    - A good consultant will always ask a few questions before answering something like “give advice”. There are no universal answers. This could be the end, but I will give the answer that is most often sought. Does it make sense to approach the writing of the text as an engineering or inventive problem? Rather, the second. The inventive task differs from engineering in that its essence is the presence of some important contradictions, for the solution of which it is necessary to include brains. In our case, at a minimum, there is often a contradiction between the goals of the reader and the goals of the customer of the article. Fortunately, a lot of good literature has been written about these and other things and excellent conferences are held. I can recommend “Evangelist of Business” Abdulmanov and “Write, Reduce” Ilyakhov and Sarycheva. Or for example “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving” - to whom which path seems more convenient. Think, doubt, verify - and use the knowledge gained for the benefit of the reader to make working content. Something like this.

    We are looking forward to your work on TechnoText and we believe that you will enter the “Content” stage among the 12 winners of the competition. But even if not, you can still come to the Module loft on November 29 at the Baumanskaya metro station in Moscow and learn a lot of interesting things. Tickets for the conference can be purchased on the website (we also remind you the link to the competition website ). See you!

    And as a bonus, here's a code for a discount of 2000 rubles for the most profitable All Inclusive ticket - I_Love_Content - use it on the event page on the Timepad .

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