Google turns its data centers into works of art

    As a rule, most data centers are nondescript industrial buildings resembling storage facilities. They are discreet, plain and do not attract attention. Data center owners prefer to stay strict on the exterior of buildings that contain corporate server systems that are important to the business or even the economy of the whole country. But Google data center operators decided to take a different look at the design of buildings. They launched the Data Center Mural Project , an art project designed to transform the gray walls of data centers into real street art.

    Google is going to turn its server farms into huge art objects decorated with art murals. Photos and videos of the conversion process itself were published on the Internet.

    The company's specialists set a goal to make the data center walls brighter, giving them individuality and special significance for society. In addition, colorful and funny drawings will delight people passing by creating a more positive atmosphere.

    To implement the plan, Google has hired artists to paint the walls of four data centers. Two of them are located in the United States: Data Center County Mays County (Oklahoma) and Data Center City Council Bluffs (Iowa). Two others are located: in the Belgian city of St. Gislen and in the Irish capital Dublin.

    At the moment, the data center is ready - in Oklahoma and in Belgium. But in the Irish data center and the data center of Iowa, wall painting is not finished yet. Artists try to display and visualize the features of specific data centers, in accordance with their functions and location, the color of the city.

    The painter Oli-Bi (Oli-B) worked on the painting of the Belgian data center. He built his artistic concept on the theme of “clouds”, depicting an abstraction of elements characteristic of the surrounding community, as well as images of the data center and photos of its employees. In the figure, Oli-Bi is a cloud of data center operators, sheep who roam near the data center and a balloon from the annual L'Ascension à Saint-Ghislain festival.

    By the way, the Google data center in St. Gislen is the first server farm in the world where engineers have introduced free cooling technology (free cooling).

    Over a project in Myers Countythe artist Jenny Odell worked with a small group of painters. On the facade-canvas of the data center center, she depicted huge collages composed of satellite images of the Google Maps mapping service. Each photograph reflects the different types of infrastructure systems currently in use. Odell wanted to show in her picture "the flow of goods, electricity and information."

    According to Jenny Odell:
    I am attracted to complex structures, so the Internet is a great example. We rarely think of him as something material, having a structure.

    The Data Center Mural Project has just begun, but Google has no plans to limit itself to just four data centers. And after the completion of the artistic transformation of the American and Irish data centers, the company intends to turn the exteriors of another eleven data centers into works of art.

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