“Soar or not”: a new player will appear on the market of video streaming services

    Streaming video services today a lot. In addition to Netflix, there is Amazon Prime, HBO, Starz and many others. Join in this market and decided to Disney. The company is preparing to launch Disney + platform in 2019. Subscribers to the service will be offered TV shows in the Star Wars universe, Marvel and other original content. We tell and discuss what to expect.

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    What is this service

    It's about Disney +. Plans to launch streaming service were announced in 2017, but now the first details have appeared on how it will look.

    This is a place for family watching movies and TV shows, so there will be no content with an R rating on it . At the same time, it is known that the Disney + web application interface will be different from that enjoyed by many other streaming services. Instead of a “grid” with previews of movies and TV shows in the app, there will be five sections with a different appearance for each Disney-owned brand: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.

    The company has not yet specified the cost of subscription to the service, but stated that the price tag will be lower than that of Netflix (this is about eight dollars a month).

    Star Wars Subscription

    By the time Disney + is launched, there will be 8–10 original series on the platform.

    The actions of two of them will unfold in the universe of "Star Wars". The first one is called “Mandalorets” - he will tell about the representative of the warlike Mandalorian race, to which Django Fett belongs, which is still unknown to the fans . The second show will be a prequel to the film "Outcast-one" and tells about the life of one of the heroes of the film - Kassian Andor .

    Also, Disney will launch a sequel to the animated series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", which tells about the events between the second and third episodes of the epic. The series was closed in 2013, but specifically for Disney + they will shoot another season.

    Several TV series will be filmed about Marvel characters. It is known that own spin-offs will receiveLoki and the Scarlet Witch. Shoot the show and about Falcon with the Winter Soldier.

    New Disney films will be available on the streaming platform, which will move there with Netflix. However, some movies will still be unavailable for viewing.

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    Until 2024, the service will not have the first six Star Wars episodes. The rights to their broadcast Disney sold in 2016, the company Turner Broadcasting.

    Some of the Marvel Universe character shows will also remain on Netflix. This applies to the TV series "Jessica Jones" and "Daredevil."

    What to expect

    According to the research organization Parks Associates, only 16% of users of streaming platforms are ready to subscribe to more than three video services. Meanwhile, niche sites appear more and more.

    Own platforms launch TV channels: HBO, Showtime, Starz. The struggle for each user is a serious struggle. Therefore, it is believed that Disney + will attract not such a wide audience, which is expected.

    Also, Disney will need to find a balance between TV shows and movies that only Disney + subscribers will see, and content for cinemas and TV channels. An internal competition of divisions may form here - there is already a streaming platform in the organization’s portfolio - Hulu.

    Disney has some advantages: unique films and series from popular franchises play into the hands of the conglomerate . Plus, subscribers often choose platforms that provide additional bonuses. For example, a Amazon Prime subscription combines video service, online store discounts, access to e-books, and more.

    Disney + may also include additional offers in the subscription. For example, discounts on licensed products or entry to theme parks. This will increase the value of the product and attract the audience. In any case, Disney will definitely get its share of the audience.

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    Will Disney + take off?

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