New XYZprinting at IMTS 2018: 3D Printers and Robots

    At the international exhibition of industrial technologies IMTS 2018 in Chicago, the company XYZPrinting demonstrated in action the latest 3D-equipment of its own production: working on the Binder Jetting technology printer PartPro350 XBC , the SLS-printer MfgPro230 xS and devices for ultra-fast print MfgPro 180 xPf and 220 XPF .

    Full color PartPro350 xBC

    At the heart of the PartPro350 xBC full-color 3D printer is Binder Jetting technology, which is a layer-by-layer bonding of composite powder with a binder.


    • Technology: Binder Jetting
    • Power supply: 100-240V, 2.5 A
    • Dimensions, mm: 350 x 222 x 200
    • Weight, kg: 254
    • Software: PartPro Suite
    • File Formats: STL, WRL, OBJ, 3MF
    • Working chamber: 138 x 77 x 130 mm
    • Print resolution: 1600 x 1600 dpi
    • Specialization: prototyping, prototyping, education, art, advertising
    • Layer thickness from: 100 microns
    • Supported materials: Gypsum
    • Number of print heads: 1
    • Print speed: 18 mm / h
    • Compatible operating systems: Windows 7 /8.1 / 10 (64bits)

    Full production cycle, vertical printing speed, reaching 18 millimeters per hour, removable tray for finished products, low cost of consumables - all this turns the device into a serious high-performance tool that will help make full-color 3D printing cost-effective.

    The cost of a PartPro350 xBC 3D printer in the United States is from 30 thousand dollars.

    The company Top 3D Shop, official representative of XYZPrinting in Russia, plans to begin selling new products next year.

    Polyamide MfgPro230 xS


    • Technology: SLS
    • Power Supply: 220B, 20A, 2.5 kW
    • Dimensions, mm: 1460x1890x740
    • Weight, kg: 310
    • Software: SLS Build / SLS Ware
    • File Formats: STL, 3MF
    • Laser: CO2, 30 W
    • Working chamber: 230x230x230 mm
    • Nitrogen system
    • Print resolution: 1600 x 1600 dpi
    • Specialization: aerospace industry, automotive industry
    • Layer thickness from: 100 microns (0.1 mm)
    • Supported materials: PA (including flexible, composite, painted and high temperature), TPU, PMMA
    • Print speed: 1 l / h
    • Compatible operating systems: Win7 / Win8 / Win10

    The XYZprinting MfgPro230 xS SLS printer is already a monochrome SLS printer for printing with polyamides with a model building speed reaching 1 liter per hour. The developer promises high repeatability and quality commensurate with the capabilities of 3D equipment from EOS and 3D Systems.

    With an adequate cost - from 60 thousand dollars, the device shows excellent printing results.

    Ultra-fast series: MfgPro xPF
    MfgPro 180 xPF and MfgPro 220 xPF


    • Material: photopolymers
    • Print speed: up to 10 mm / min
    • XY resolution: 70 microns
    • Z resolution: (layer thickness): 25-50-100-200 microns
    • Interface: USB (cable or USB flash drive), Ethernet
    • Build area -

    MfgPro 180 xPF : 180x140x200 mm
    MfgPro 220 xPF : 220x120x380 mm

    At the heart of the MfgPro models of the xPF series is the latest LSPc printing technology, similar to the well-known CLIP technology from Carbon 3D. Lubricant Sublayer Photocuring was developed in the walls of California Nexa3D. At the moment, two companies have joined forces to promote technology and devices based on it on the market.

    In the commercial of these ultra-high-speed printers, it says: "40 times faster, 2 times more accurate, 5 times cheaper." The printing speed of such devices reaches 1 centimeter per minute.

    3D printers MfgPro180 and MfgPro 220 xPF will be used wherever high-speed production of custom parts is required, small series of which are unprofitable to produce in traditional ways, and this is a lot of different industries - from restoration work and jewelry, to the automotive industry and aerospace research. The cost of these devices starts from 20 thousand dollars.

    In addition to 3D equipment, XYZprinting is developing its own line of robots under the brand AI N.ERA Robotics.

    AI N.ERA Robotics

    At the exhibition in Chicago, the company presented two models of mobile robots with integrated navigation system.



    • Voice interface system
    • Face Recognition and Mimicry
    • 15 ”Touchscreen Tablet
    • Card readers and scanners: NFC, Smart (with chip), MSR (with magnetic stripe), OCR (character recognition), barcode scanner
    • Built-in thermal printer (as in cash registers and reference terminals)
    • 15 "rear information panel

    The robot assistant C01 can be used in education - as a visual aid, at exhibitions, in shops, restaurants and cinemas, in hotels, hospitals and banks - as a device for telepresentation, consultant, guide and even seller.

    The built-in interfaces and software allow it not only to see the surrounding space and navigate it, but also to recognize people's faces, respond to requests and interact - the robot has embedded NFC devices, a reader of smart cards and magnetic stripe cards, a printer, a barcode scanner, 3D -Camera and, of course, a fifteen-inch tablet as a terminal on the front side, plus an information screen at the back.

    C01 synchronizes with cloud services and independently analyzes the collected data.

    In addition, the robot can patrol deserted buildings at night and signal the presence of strangers.

    No less interesting is the model M01 - the universal robot transporter.



    • Load capacity: up to 100 kg (optional, can be increased)
    • Navigation: LiDAR, UZ-range finder (7 pcs), IR sensors (2 pcs)
    • Self-installing updates from the “cloud”
    • Battery Capacity: 34.8 Ah
    • Work time: 8 ~ 10 hours
    • Charging time: 4 ~ 6 hours
    • Voltage and battery type: 25.9 V, 7S12P Li-ion
    • Max. speed: 2 m / s
    • Drive: 2 driving wheels
    • Turning radius: 0
    • Temperature conditions of work: 0 ~ + 45 ° С
    • Size: W 520 x D 580 x H 355 mm
    • Weight: 40 kg
    • Delivery set: charging docking station
    • Optional: manual joystick

    M01 is able to move loads weighing up to 100 kilograms. It is equipped with a lidar (laser analogue of radar), an ultrasonic rangefinder and infrared sensors, which allows it to make a map for orientation in areas up to 10,000 square meters and travel for an hour outside of its usual magnetic tags and radio beacons.

    Such a device, in conjunction with a robotic arm, can serve 3D printers, CNC machines, assemble ready-made parts from jobs, transport goods and documents within the enterprise without human intervention.

    Application areas: manufacturing plants, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and any place where there is a need to move goods along a permanent route. You can buy XYZprinting

    equipment from the official partner of XYZprinting in Russia - Top 3D Shop , and pre-order the devices that are not yet running into the series and get them one of the first. Want more interesting news from the world of 3D technology? Subscribe to us in the social. networks:

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