3 IBM business games: customer service, supply chain, and traffic

    Innov8 is an IBM Business Process Management (BPM) game. The game is used for educational purposes in the field of business analysis of IT professionals and business users. In the games of this series, players begin by learning the basics of business modeling to optimize the business process and increase company profits.


    The game has a fictional call center of After Inc agency, which uses business process models that do their job in the wrong way. The player, as the main protagonist of Logan, needs to research the current model to find out the reasons for the lack of efficiency, optimize it to meet the current needs of the market.
    This serious game helps students learn more about business process management and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) architecture. Players will be able to quickly see in practice how an iterative process improvement can increase the profitability of a business, achieve customer satisfaction and other goals in solving the real problems that public administration and business are facing today.

    Smart Traffic Management


    Today, traffic control systems need reliability, real-time data and effective management tools to solve the unpleasant problem of traffic congestion. In this scenario, the player will be asked to apply his knowledge in the field of Business Process Management to find the best way to regulate traffic.

    Applying proposals to improve the traffic situation in real time, it is necessary to achieve a significant reduction in traffic congestion and environmental pollution by exhaust gases in the city. The scenario allows you to analyze existing traffic patterns and change traffic routes based on input indicators. To test the decision, the player needs to distribute the budget among all available traffic control methods and simulate the traffic control model with the given input parameters. As a result of the simulation, the following business process performance indicators are measured: satisfaction and efficiency.

    Smart customer service management


    Achieving a higher level of customer service is becoming the most important goal for the business. Therefore, many companies are struggling to provide adequate customer service. Using the environment of a call center customer service, players are developing more effective ways to respond to customer requests. Using BPM and SOA solutions can improve customer relationships, reduce wasteful inefficiencies and increase company profits.

    The player needs to choose a call distribution model, which should have a margin of flexibility for applying business rules for routing incoming calls of customers. Then it is proposed to choose a scenario for receiving feedback on the quality of call service. As a result of the configuration of the product sales model and budget allocation on the telephone customer service lines, it is possible to achieve a significant improvement in customer satisfaction and company profits.

    Smart Supply Chain Management


    The goal of the scenario is to evaluate the traditional model of the supply chain, the balance of supply and demand and reduce the environmental impact. Whether redistributing resources on the fly or replenishing stocks on store shelves to keep up with demand, effective supply chain management is important in the success or failure of a business.

    In the game, supply chain management occurs through the application of business process management techniques, the application of new technologies, such as RFID tags and changing the path of the supply chain. Using real-time data processing, you can optimize transport lines, deliver the necessary goods to the warehouse and significantly reduce the greenhouse effect.

    First, it will be necessary to select a work scheme that allows you to determine the most suitable combination of suppliers. The principle of the game is to select the input parameters of the model that affect the necessary key performance indicators of the model. Then, simulation of the performance of the models and calculation of the results of performance indicators are performed.

    Our service of business process simulation is also used not only for professional purposes, but also participates in training programs around the world. The free functionality of the service and the online platform make it easy to integrate it into the educational process of the university or the MBA program.

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