Shocking Programmatic Information from MoPub's Twitter Report

    Recently, one of the giants Mopubpublished the latest news and latest data on the programmer, as well as general statistics on the use of mobile applications.

    The report contains data analysis from the MoPub Marketplace, which presents more than 31,000 active mobile applications , more than 355 billion monthly advertising requests , and more than 1 billion unique mobile devices , as well as 175+ DSP platforms .

    While demand partners find and acquire new inventory in search of high rates, the very fact of the inventory search process, advertisers remain an essential link, the report said.

    “Despite an impressive figure of over 335 billion monthly MoPub ad requests, this offer has never been more affordable,” explained on a Twitter post. “At this time, a large number of offers creates a large number of difficulties for advertisers, in their infinite desire to find the right impressions. And for publishers (publishers), the very task of contacting a direct buyer is becoming increasingly difficult in terms of competitiveness. ”

    And, of course, there is good news for 3Q.

    In the report of this quarter, we found that demand partners who buy inventory in any of the 580 new applications that were launched in the third quarter reached a click-through rate (CTR) that exceeded their figures by more than 186% and CPC ( cost-per-click) is 46% lower than when purchased in applications running before the third quarter.

    In addition, publishers have witnessed the success of new applications launched in the third quarter. On average, eCPM in new applications is 67% higher than in those introduced before the 3rd quarter.

    Published brands continue to manage revenue on private marketplaces, especially this trend has worsened on the eve of the upcoming holidays.

    “In the 4th quarter of 2014, we saw an increase in the effectiveness of brands published during the holidays”reports Twitter. “ It is likely that brands will extend their advertising campaigns for the entire third quarter, which includes a large number of holidays, but this, as you yourself understand, remains to be verified .”
    MoPub found that brands currently accounted for more than 60% of the leading positions, opening the chart for the top 25 advertisers using campaigns through private markets.

    And, it’s not a surprise that “micro-moments are still of great importance” for mobile advertising.

    “In the 1st quarter of 2015, we saw how the Super Cup brought a huge increase in advertising publications. In the report of this quarter, we found the tendency to “reach” the end consumer (the issue is about the most important events in the world of sports and the high behavioral activity of users who are targeted at advertising), the report tells us. On average, the daily rate increases by 66% in sports applications for NFL and NCAA football matches - coinciding with the NFL and NCAA football kick-off season. BYYD • Mobile Advertising Platform

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