Elementary Reputation Management

    The CRM system for managing reputation, which includes a full cycle of business processes for working with the opinions of Internet users, was presented to customers of SERM and ORM services by the SMM Kokoc Group department.

    Today the system consists of six sections: “Reputation environment”, “Negative reviews”, “Posting scenario”, “Coordination of reviews”, “Statistics” and “Reports”.

    Reputation environment

    The section collects information about the brand reputation from the first day of the client’s work with the agency. Thanks to SERMometer technology, which daily scans the search results of Yandex or Google for given keywords, the customer can track the dynamics of changes in the brand’s reputation environment. The section stores screenshots and links to each page, the ability to quickly analyze the company's reputation at each particular site using color marking is implemented. For example, if before the customer started working with the agency, users left mostly negative comments about the brand on the X site, then the resource will be marked in red. And if a month later, thanks to the efforts of SERM-specialists, positive reviews will prevail on it, the marking will change to green.

    Negative reviews

    The system notifies you about the appearance of negative reviews in the main menu and in a special section, where comprehensive information is collected: links, screenshots, message texts. The process of agreeing on the response options proposed by the contractor on behalf of the brand takes place in the chat format. It is possible to "enable" an e-mail notification and be aware of the development of specific negative situations.

    Content approval and placement scenario
    Sections have been created to simplify the approval of agency-generated content. The client can accept or return for revision the proposed texts and inform the reason for the refusal in a special form. Approved publications are formed into a plan, the coordination of which is also carried out online. Published messages are moved to the Closed subsection, where all project information is stored.


    In this section, the client can look in the dynamics of statistics of found mentions of the customer’s brand on various sites and for a certain period. The system divides the sites by color and allows you to view the number, dates and nature (positive, negative, neutral) of publications on all or several specific resources. Statistics are presented in the form of graphs or charts.

    Many customers are accustomed to traditional reports in PDF files, therefore this format is used for monthly information on the work done.

    Thanks to the Kokoc Group reputation management CRM system, customer interactions with the agency are simplified: there is no need to discuss current work by mail and send tables, pictures or text files, all information is available online in a single interface. By the way, if a company has several brands, then convenient and quick switching from one account to another is provided.

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