20+ resources to start freelancing

    Do you feel that you are ready to leave work, independently control your day, fight for the client and work only on interesting tasks? It's time to try freelance. This is not easy at all, but more often more difficult than office routine. In order not to be disappointed in choosing a work format, arrange a test drive for yourself - on holidays or on weekends. We gathered sites where you will find tasks to your liking.

    For those who have long been in the topic // Largest and most visited

    Weblancer.net - a large exchange of remote work. After registration, be sure to fill out the portfolio - it will help to get more orders.

    Freelance.ru is one of the major freelance exchanges. It was originally a forum.

    FL.ru is an exchange for freelancers of various specializations. To effectively promote your services, you need to buy a PRO-account.

    Freelancehunt.com is a labor exchange for programmers, designers, copywriters, and other specialists.

    FreelanceJob.ru - is positioned as a stock exchange for professional freelancers with a good portfolio.

    printf ("hello, world"); // For developers

    1clancer.ru - remote work for 1C specialists. Many tasks with good budgets.

    Devhuman.com is a service for developers, startups and IT companies. You can quickly assemble a team of any specialists to carry out any IT project.

    Modber.ru is another exchange for 1C developers.

    Freelansim.ru is an exchange for developers with a lot of interesting tasks and projects. We are sure that the Khabrovsk citizens are well acquainted with her.

    FreelanceWebmarket is a foreign platform for developers.

    Toptal- a closed platform, to start work you need to go through a selection of four stages: checking the level of English, an online coding test, a technical interview with a screen display and a test project. After that, the freelancer signs a contract and becomes one of the developers of Toptal, who is looking for projects for him and tries to load it with work. It is the exchange, not the client, that pays developers for working on projects.

    Play with fonts // For designers and illustrators

    Illustrators.ru - work for illustrators, new projects almost every day.

    99designs - a competition is held to receive each order, where participants send their solutions to the problem (example of a logo or site layout). The winner is chosen by the customer. The winner receives a pre-determined fee, transfers the project rights to the client and becomes the priority executor of subsequent orders of this employer.

    Crowd Spring is a great platform for designers and illustrators. It works on the principle of service above.

    Coroflot - here is a list of vacancies and projects for designers to which you can apply. Coroflot does not charge a commission on either side, but it does not give any guarantees.

    Krop - a lot of tasks for web designers.

    DesignCrowd - freelancers offer prices to the client, after which the client selects the contractor and pays for the services. Then the work on the project starts.

    LogoMyWay - orders for logo makers. To receive an order, you need to win the competition.

    Shutterstock.com - exchange of images, illustrations.

    Istockphoto.com - exchange of images, illustrations. There are entrance exams on the photo stock. It is necessary to provide three photos and pass a theoretical test.

    Anything different // Platforms with different types of tasks and useful services

    Programmer Meet Designer - the platform helps designers and programmers find each other to work together on projects.

    Workzilla - the orders are very different: from video editing to creating one-page sites. The customer forms the task, the performers respond and name their terms and price, after which the customer selects the performer.

    UpWork is a foreign platform with tasks for developers, designers, marketers.

    People Per Hour is mainly a job for copywriters and marketers, but you can find tasks for developing software or creating a landing page.

    Guru is another foreign platform with a variety of tasks.

    - a large service with a lot of work, you can find tasks for the development of databases and software.

    Bots on Telegram

    ArbeitBot - fill out a profile with skills, mark areas of interest and receive notifications of new tasks that you can respond to.

    FreelanceBot - the bot asks who you are: a programmer, designer, artist or manager, and after - who are you looking for and what time the application will be relevant. The indicated time will receive options for orders / offers of performers.

    Parselancer - parsing tasks with freelansim and freelancer . Notifies you of new entries in selected categories.

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