Spout Protection

    In January, a selection of interviews with prominent Runet "thousandaires" will be published on the pages of the Russian Rolling Stone . The elite of the domestic blogosphere - apazhe , kbke , immoralist , mrparker , etc. - recalls where it came from, how success came, what it feels like to rest on our laurels. Among these stories, two stand apart - they are told by Anton Nosik, the SVO of the Sup company , and Konstantin Rykov, the head of NewMedia Stars . Both are looking for a formula for capitalizing on blog traffic, and their interests intersect painfully when it comes to trial trials. At least they position their relationship as hostile.

    In the interview with Nosik, the explanation that he gives to the circumstances of his conflict with Rykov is noteworthy: “This person is trying to illegally make money in LiveJournal. Rykova Agency provides paid services for posting PR and advertising on LiveJournal blogs. The service costs 400-500 bucks per post. ” Spout adds that he is familiar with the "Rykovsky price list", but has not reconciled. And so much so that “... on the basis of this price list, I can deprive all of these people of registration in the journal. Legally, I have such a right. ”

    And this passage about legal law is rather annoying, especially in the context of recent unrest in LJ. Anton Nosik himself deniesits reliability, saying that the words attributed to it are taken out of context and grossly distorted with the replacement of their meaning with the opposite. He explains that he had exactly the opposite when speaking about this “legal right”: “... Perhaps they can expect some such actions from me, but this is a misunderstanding, because I’m not going to do anything like that, I won’t close anyone not my genre. "

    The genre of the opposition "Soup" remained unchanged. Konstantin Rykov, answering questions from Rolling Stone, continues to be perplexed about the business strategy of “Soup”: “Probably they have some trump cards, you can’t take people as idiots.” Rykov willingly “reveals” his own trump cards, pointing to the new Sensator new project by NewMedia Stars- A new kind of "media", sharpened for blogs. Full interviews can be found in kbke magazine .

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