Eroshare: Homemade 2.0

    In the West there is an increasing number of social sites, one way or another focused on human sexuality. And if there are social networks for homosexuals or hosting for erotic videos, then why not appear a'la Flickr full-fledged photo services for posting erotic photos?

    One of the first startups of 2007 is Eroshare , a site where users with exhibitionistic tendencies can post their erotic photos.

    Developers from the Netherlands tried to bring the functionality of their service closer to Flickr- “the standard of webdvanol photo hosting.” Users can “free” the owners of the photos they like, rate certain images, leave comments ... By uploading their photos (Eroshare gives 2 “free” gigabytes for this), you can tag them and put them in folders. You can upload both standard jpg files and zip archives containing a set of photos.

    In the settings, the user can immediately specify the type of license that will be applied to his photos (for example, all rights reserved or something from Creative Commons).

    The leader in the placement of "top" photos is a certain Ace(there is a suspicion that it is he who is the developer, who at a certain moment accumulated so many erotic photographs that he decided to create an appropriate web service for their storage). At the moment, a little more than 600 users are registered, their number will obviously grow - and along with this the number of porn photos will increase. Many services do not prohibit self-expression by publishing pictures of their genitals or something like that, and I think Eroshare will not do that either. (screenshot)

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