Microsoft Gets Major Cloud Services Partner With Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Microsoft can celebrate defeating a major competitor in cloud wars through a peace agreement. Hewlett Packard Enterprise will soon introduce new Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure services to its customers.

    This is a very important change, as HP previously worked to develop its own cloud service. However, last month, representatives of the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced that the company intends to abandon this venture. Recall that only last month was the restructuring of Hewlett Packard, which was announced in the fall of last year. The result was two independent companies: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) and HP Inc.

    Today CEO Meg Whitman briefly toldabout the new partnership between HP and Microsoft, which will affect not only the public, but also the hybrid cloud. More details about him can be found at the Discover exhibition, which will be held next week in London - the event will last three days (from December 1 to 3).

    Margaret Whitman argues that a strategic agreement was concluded between the companies, as both technology giants have a similar vision of hybrid technologies for business, and also perceive their cooperation as an opportunity to simplify hybrid infrastructure for greater user convenience.

    Together, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise can try to challenge Amazon, which is the undisputed leader in this segment. The Amazon Web Services platform, which has been providing cloud computing services to customers for nearly a decade, currently generates more than $ 2 billion in revenue in one quarter. However, recently, potential Amazon rivals realized that they alone could not keep up with the leader, so they began to join forces. For example, Red Hat and Microsoft are now partners in the cloud services business, while Dell, thinking about its own cloud, acquired EMC for $ 67 billion, thus concluding the largest deal in the IT industry.

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