How the Internet does not work - yellow pages instead of a modern tool

    As an epigraph, comment by Reposlav:
    Not fundamentally. I will open several dry cleaning sites to compare them. If the information on the site is not enough for me, I close it. If enough - I can throw the link to the price to someone: "Look, look, it's cheaper here." I won’t talk to several companies over the phone to find out which dry cleaning suits me better, it will take a lot of time. And on the phone they’ll give me all kinds of crap, but I don’t like that.

    Thought has long ripened in my head. But I couldn’t get past this article with phrases like “Business needs the client to get in touch: call or write.” This was the last straw, now I will voice everything I think.

    So, as usual - from afar. The interaction between the buyer and the business (while we are talking about retail) has traditionally been built according to the model of an office / sales office / store - buyer. You open a point - you lure buyers. This is from the business side. From the side of the buyer: need to repair the car, whitewash the ceiling, buy products and a new vacuum cleaner? Forward: The

    Internet today is this. And it’s sad to look at it - “walking shame.”

    Look for it yourself, call, run with your feet - like you need it.

    And now the Internet has appeared, with the advent of which it has not changed completely ... nothing. Instead of office - a site, instead of a paper catalog - a search engine. Thanks google for that. It is necessary to repair the car, whitewash the ceiling, buy food and a new vacuum cleaner - search engine in the mouth and ring up and describe in advance. And on the other side, I recall, business. These are the guys who need to call and poke in the voice menu, because the business has saved on the operator due to your convenience. But sometimes it’s worse - businesses have marketers, but more about that some other time.

    So, now about me. This is me a client. And this is my money. And I don’t give a damn about how wide and beautiful your office is, and I don’t give a damn about what you need. And I don’t need to call or write, or leave my data. I need to solve my problem. And the most interesting thing is that I remind you that I have money. And you, dear business, do not need my call, but my money. And as a person who is ready to transfer part of his money in exchange for a service or product, I want you to jump around me and not sit in your cool offices.

    I am talking, in fact, about tenders - and they are in big business. A large company comes to the tender site, shakes a bag of money, and those who allegedly need a call or a letter come running. They are in the field of IT services - for this there are platforms of freelancers. 2 great examples so that I don’t mind that it is possible only with very large or very small orders.

    But there’s no middle ground. There is nothing for the vast mass of everyday requests. And all you need is a freelance exchange type site with the ability to create requests. Need a wardrobe? Please: I photographed the room, gave the sizes, materials, wishes and compiled a questionnaire for the answers to which the call is important: timing, cost, other nuances. Went away to drink coffee, came: you look at the table, compare, choose options, read reviews in a form convenient for the customer, but not in a multiplier of marketing works of art.

    In fairness, there are some beginnings in the field of domestic services. As an example, I’ll give Yandex Master. Small errands - YouDo.

    But this is what the inventors of the killers are doing - a mystery to me. Assassins of instagrams and other Facebook, I mean. Here it is a problem. Here it is a huge market where people throw coal into the furnace, instead of riding in a comfortable carriage. Solve the problem - there will be a business. This is a real business, and not the type of those insane people who clicked on the link at the beginning who decided that there was a lot of information on the company’s website - let the man get even more spoiled - would call and be in the script that the operator read out to catch particles of the necessary information.

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