Give them a shovel and they will dig themselves ©

    Colleagues, please judge: is this a hell of a pitch shit, or should I go to a psychiatrist?

    Please ignore the purely technical things and pay attention to the syllable of the Document (I can’t write this word with a lowercase letter, the sense of my own importance is rushing from the Document):

    Starting Monday, only registered applications will be able to access the API of our Service. As part of the application registration procedure, you will need to fill out the registration form and indicate how and what API methods of our Service the program uses:
    • names of methods;
    • for what purposes are the methods used;
    • method invocation algorithm;
    • how often each method is called (once per minute, once per hour, etc.)
    • and for what purpose is this frequency chosen
    The application must also contain information on
    • how the program handles errors that occur when working with the API of our Service,
    • and how the program takes into account the current limitations of the API of our Service.

    It seems to me that I have already met a similar syllable somewhere earlier ...

    And well, if this syllable had given birth to some kind of state body such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs, they should be assigned by state.
    Well, if it were a free service or a service for distributing some kind of goodies - albeit with a stretch of the imagination, you can understand.
    Well, if it were the unknown "Horns and Hooves", whose director and clients are cattle and who simply do not know how to talk differently.

    But no, this is a modern commercial company, and we are talking about a paid service. I would even say that it is highly paid, sometimes even critically. That is, we pay them, and in return - such bullshit. I intentionally do not give the name of the company, I can only say that it is currently trying to compete with, sorry, competitors through courts and complaints to supervisory authorities. And alas, it cannot by the generally accepted market method.

    And somehow it’s somehow sad that’s all ... With this approach, you don’t need any regulation of these your intranets from above. More of these companies - and the Internet will die itself ...

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