Mavrodi entered the world market: MMM Bitcoin pyramid is promoted in Indonesia, China, South Africa and other countries

    The head of Rosfinmonitoring, Yuri Chikhanchin, in November 2015 at the conference “Threats and Risks for the Economies of the BRICS Countries” warned our Chinese friends from participating in dubious investments in MMM and predicted the collapse of the entire pyramid, which has already happened more than once in Russia. And Mavrodi is actively promoting his pyramid on social networks in a number of countries, saying that "a financial apocalypse is inevitable."

    Sergei Mavrodi talks about MMM to Chinese citizens

    The first financial pyramid of Sergei Mavrodi, JSC MMM, was registered in Moscow in 1989 as a cooperative and was originally engaged in trade - it imported computers and accessories to the USSR. Then the company was engaged in other activities, including advertising and beauty contests. In 1993, MMM issued 991 thousand shares, the price of which was constantly growing. Over the six months of the sale of shares, their prices rose 127 times, and the number of depositors, according to various sources, reached fifteen million people. On August 4, 1994, Mavrodi was arrested on charges of tax concealment from the income of Invest Consulting, the company he headed. Directly from prison, he began to collect signatures for registration as candidates for the State Duma of the Russian Federation, and on October 30 he became a deputy of the Russian parliament, which he needed only to obtain immunity. A year later, Mavrodi was stripped of his mandate, and in December 1997 they were put on the All-Russian, and later on the international wanted list. In 1998, Mavrodi opened Stock Generation - another pyramid, but on the Internet, designed as a gambling game with the appropriate license and registered in one of the countries of the Caribbean.

    Later there were MMM-2011 and MMM-2012. Mavrodi directly called MMM 2011 a financial pyramid and warned that money could be lost. Five months after the discovery, the pyramid fell apart.

    During the work of MMM, Mavrodi managed to buy the Cray Research Super Server 6400 supercomputer to analyze global stock markets and manage a future empire: he was interested in US law, which, in his opinion, did not prevent the creation of such a pyramid.

    In the new system, which Mavrodi is now actively promoting in Indonesia, China and several other countries, the accounts of participants are participating. The user can select the "receive" and "provide assistance" function in the personal account. In the second case, the participant enters the amount that he is ready to provide and transfers the money to a specific bank account of another participant. For assistance, he will receive the same amount in the internal currency of the system - “Mavro”. These "Mavro" will begin to grow by 30% per month. At any time, this currency can be sold by receiving real money, promises Sergey Mavrodi.

    In mid-November, the Bitcoin rate, trading at between $ 200 and $ 300, roseup to 502 dollars. Later, the course fell, according to data on November 23, 2015, it is $ 319. The Financial Times connects this leap with the activities of Sergey Mavrodi in China, where the entrepreneur promises up to 30% of the invested funds and bonuses for advertising the system and attracting new investors to MMM participants. Bitcoins are needed to participate in the system.


    Now the system works in a hundred countries of the world, Kommersant writes with reference to the project sites. The new MMM consists of 130 million people. Mavrodi promotes his project mainly on social networks, sometimes using advertising on television, on the radio and in newspapers. The MMM India Manav Mukti Manch Facebook page has 137,000 fans, the MMM South Africa has more than 30,000.

    In China, the creators of financial pyramids face the death penalty. At the same time, the Chinese are so passionate that there have been many pyramids since the 1990s, when they shot the founders of a fund that raised funds for the production of disposable syringes at 6% per month and did not fulfill obligations. Kommersant doubts the large number of participants in the system in China: according to journalists, the Chinese MMM website has not been opened since mid-November, and a person with an email address and a Russian mobile phone number is sitting under the pseudonym Yun Hun. The Chinese Central Bank received complaints about MMM and are studying the scheme of the pyramid.

    On each of the sites and on social networks, Mavrodi says that "a financial apocalypse is inevitable." He warns that participants may lose money. In order to prosecute him after another failure of the pyramid, the court will have to prove that he deliberately cheated for profit, and Mavrodi's honesty could work.

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