Decomposition as an element of sales management and KPI definitions

    Business is worth learning a lot from sports. Especially decomposition.

    To how victories at the World Championships, Olympics are laid out to the level of specific daily exercises.

    I went through this myself. During my studies at school from grades 5 to 11, I was professionally involved in athletics.

    And absolutely every athlete, regardless of how titled he is (even if you are Usain Bolt), each workout is performed by a set of special exercises, which is aimed at developing running techniques. I repeat, everyone does this, from small to large.

    In business, these things are often neglected.


    Quote from the book “Frankly. Autobiography of Andre Agassi. "

    “Dad says that if I beat 2500 goals in a day, then in a week it will be 17,500 goals, and by the end of the year - about a million. Father believes in math. He says the numbers can't lie. A child who has beaten a million balls in a year will become invincible. ”

    7-year-old Andre Agassi trained with his father in the backyard of his house. He had a special tennis gun, which served the balls, and he had to learn to beat them.

    You can shift the same thing, for example, to the work of sales managers and form a simple recommendation that will increase skill and, as a result, sales volume.

    Example No. 1:if the manager’s work is associated with active calls, then the rate of calls per day should be taken as the basis. This is a basic and mandatory indicator that no manager has the right to neglect. It does not matter whether he is a beginner or a leading manager. It's just that everyone will have their own norm.

    Example No. 2:if the number of manager’s sales depends on how efficiently he maintains his base and does not forget about customers, clearly knows what to talk with the client and what to offer and how to promote him in the sales funnel, then the CRM system is maintained and maintained its up to date. It is CRM that will prompt and help the manager sell more and better. Then, as a rule, an indicator of the relevance of the database in CRM and the quality of its maintenance should be taken. So that absolutely every manager during the working day allocates time in order to update the situation that happened during the day. Plan your next steps, set tasks for tomorrow, etc.

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