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Browser push notifications are a relatively new communication channel. These are short messages that come directly to the desktop even when the browser is turned off. They can be sent to users of Google Chrome (55%) and Apple Safari (5.2%), and this is 350 million people.

Each message contains: heading, text (maximum 125 Cyrillic characters), image and link.

If you use Bitrix24 CRM or communicate with colleagues through Slack, then such push notifications should be familiar. The message from the Slack service looks something like this on the screen:

How does it work?
  1. The visitor visits the site
  2. A dialog box appears prompting you to activate push notifications.
  3. If the visitor agrees, then he is entered into the subscriber database
  4. He receives a push notification with any information
  5. He clicks on it and follows the link to the site.

What are the benefits of push notifications?

  • Displayed on top of all windows, even if the browser is closed: skipping such a message will be very difficult;
  • When you click, the user goes directly to the site - no unnecessary actions;
  • Users do not receive spam, because mailing occurs only after permission and for a specific device of the user from whom he gave permission;
  • Accurate targeting
  • To receive push notifications do not need additional software;
  • The price of push messages is many times lower than SMS;
  • You can unsubscribe from the newsletter in one click.

Of course, paint the benefits of any city. In order not to be unfounded, we’ll talk about real cases of how well-known companies use this tool to communicate with the target audience.

Push Notification Use Cases

Abc news

ABC News is the news section of the American Broadcasting Company television network. They deliver news via push. The company has reached a high level of individuality of newsletters due to the fact that it has created a convenient system for choosing topics and stories for subscription. During the first five months after the launch of push notifications, more than one million news stories were watched.

By linking the push notification mailing to the time the news was released, the company increased the number of views by five times. Such well-known news portals as: The New York Times, Apple Insider, CNN, The Next Web also use browser-based push notifications.

Most of the tools in the field of Internet marketing first appear in the United States, and only then distributed to other countries. In the case of push notifications, the situation is similar. Large foreign media already use this tool to engage the audience in their content, but we still don’t even smell it.

I am sure that this is only a matter of time. Soon, our large online media will “push” their readers. But when will this happen? As always, after 5 years? Almost like with A / B testing . In such a situation, it is very important to be the first ...


Walgreens is a large pharmacy chain in the United States with approximately 7,000 branches. In addition to advertising, the company sends out push notifications with recipes for its customers and the medicines they take. Each user can receive individual reminders about taking medications at the right time of day. As well as notifications about the need to purchase new medicines when medicines purchased earlier are running out.

In this case, notifications are not only a way to attract potential customers. Get a personalized drug reminder - isn't that cool? This is a great way to build a loyal target audience that will buy only from you.After all, you carry value, take care of your customers and even remind them of when to take the pill. A very competent approach, in my opinion.

Air canada

Air Canada is Canada's largest airline. Uses push notifications to send out flight information. The airline informs users about a change in the flight schedule, the start of check-in, the completion of baggage check-in, flight transfers, etc.

New push notification features:

1. Mass mailing

This is the easiest and most understandable way to use push notifications. You collect a user base, send them information about products and services, promotional materials, motivate users to make a purchase.

At the same time, the number of transitions from push messages is higher than from email newsletters. According to research, the minimum figure is 3%, and the highest is 20-25%.
According to some statistical data, the conversion to subscriptions to push notifications in some cases can be 30 times higher than to e-mail newsletters. The minimum conversion of push notifications is 2%, the average is 5%, and the maximum is 28%
Perhaps this is due to the fact that subscribing to such notifications is much easier, as well as disabling them. The less action you have to do, the better. The numbers confirm this. Related

Article - Upgrade Email Marketing: Trigger Mailings

2. Push notifications for online stores.

Push come instantly and with their help it is convenient to communicate various information to visitors to the online store. The user bought something - you can push it with a notification about the status of the order: paid> sent> will be delivered today. Or try to do an up-sell with an attractive offer of additional products.

Using push messages it is also convenient to inform about new arrivals and sales, especially if you segment the audience by previous purchases. For example, a person constantly buys shoes of a certain brand. A new model of the same brand comes out and he receives such a notification. Believe me, he will be happy and surprised. The more this notice meets the interests of the visitor, the higher the effectiveness of this tool.

As for sales notifications, here you can make a very stimulating offer with restrictions on time and quantity of goods. Thus, it will stimulate a potential client to click on the message and go to the site.

Or how’s this for you: the visitor spends more than 10 minutes on the page of a certain product and after that you send a push notification with a 10% discount if he makes a purchase within 30 minutes. Such trigger notifications will very effectively motivate a potential customer to complete a targeted action.

And most importantly - abandoned baskets in online stores. The trouble of every online store. According to statistics, visitors drop 2 out of 3 baskets. Someone leaves them because they are leaving in search of cheaper prices (and there may not be those, but he will not return to you), and someone leaves the site during the payment process . But in any case, he demonstrates the intention to make a purchase. And this is something. And you need to use it. By any means you need to squeeze such a "warm" visitor.

This is usually done using E-mail newsletters. And, as practice shows, a small proportion of people return to the site and complete the purchase. Push notifications are another alternative to reduce the number of abandoned baskets.

When developing your next ad campaign, keep in mind the fact that push notifications are much cheaper than SMS. This will help you minimize the cost of transactional messages, and visibility will be higher.

3. Upcoming event notifications

For example, about a webinar, presentation, concert, etc. You can start sending notifications a month before the event, gradually telling subscribers what new and useful they will learn from the program.

Browser push can be a great addition to a series of informative contacts. You can send announcements to the newsletter. And then for the most interested (clicked) to send push-messages and SMS-ki. Remember that to make a decision, the user needs 5-7 contacts with information about the product / service / event. So why not improve your promotion?

4. Notifications of new blog posts

Push notifications can be another way to notify subscribers of new blog posts. Thus, one more channel is added, in addition to E-mail marketing and social networks.

An article in the topic - 4 secrets of successful trigger E-mail marketing.

This is especially true now, in the face of an excess of information on the Internet. Social networks are full of content, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get high-quality information from them. Too many low-quality E-mail newsletters that no one opens. And it’s very difficult to break through this blockade and make a newsletter that at least a third of all subscribers will open.

In such circumstances, Push-notifications can complement the functionality of the site and attract new customers, as well as facilitate users to subscribe to the newsletter and will always keep them informed of the news.

The cool thing is that push notifications are now available on the Russian market. The SendPulse service already in November launches the function of sending browser push messages with the ability to create a series of notifications, personalization and segmentation. Leave a request now and get a free tariff for sending push notifications after the official launch of new features.

Thanks for the interesting article from the SendPulse guys

PS Soon we will protest the “guns” on Boosta

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