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    We believe that the adherents of Ashmanov and Rosenthal can understand each other and find a common language. Specially for this, the optimizer and copywriter Take the Cake came together to discuss the ToR for an SEO copywriter that will suit everyone - by the number of occurrences of keywords and common sense.
    All optimizers want to promote sites with excellent content, and all copywriters want to deal with professional and responsive optimizers. Such fateful meetings are rare: someone wants in the TOP and will sacrifice everything for this, even through the eyes of their customers; someone writes sales texts, but for the 15th page of the issue; and someone doesn’t need a copywriter at all, because he’s a doorway.
    Unfortunately (and maybe fortunately), the person who is best versed in SEO, an optimizer, rarely writes texts himself. His task is to find a copywriter who is sufficiently crouched by the requirements of SEO, but who has retained audacity, it is appropriate to go against TK and offer creative solutions. The task of the copywriter is to speak both the language of people and the language of machines, like Neo from The Matrix.
    But suppose that the situation is very bad, and the site needs to be promoted. What should TK look like for an SEO copywriter so that even a dumb optimizer gets the result he needs?
    As TK sees the optimizerAs TK sees the copywriter
    Ekaterina Ivanova Head of Search MarketingEkaterina Aryko Head of Content Marketing
    Keyword DensityKeyword Density
    Usually it is expressed as a percentage, it is believed that 2% is perfect (approximately 2-3 occurrences of the request for 800 characters). But everything is individual, depending on the subject, on the frequency of the key. I recommend focusing on the key density among competitors in the TOP-10 according to verified requests. Manually difficult, but effective, since you see exactly what the search engine likes. One of the supporting tools is the Rookee. It shows statistics on 10 competitors, but there are errors, for example, competitors are incorrectly selected (it is so strange for an online store to compete with Wikipedia).
    If you need to know exactly how many key occurrences to hang in grams, the BM25 formula will help you. It is believed that it allows you to calculate the ideal ratio, although, again, much depends on the subject.
    If the ToR for the project is not one-time, but involves a long cooperation with one copywriter, it is worth showing him the sites from the TOP-10, which the optimizer or analyst considers to be strong. So the copywriter will be able to see what customers like (or can like).
    Be sure to clarify that if the copywriter does not consciously fulfill the requirements for the percentage of occurrences, he should offer something very, very good and selling in return.
    Text size 800–3000 characters
    It is necessary to observe the text volume of 800-3000 + characters (it all depends on the topic and type of site, but these are the most common parameters).
    It seems to be a matter of course, but ...
    If the copywriter is a young and promising specialist, it is better to explain the number of signs “on the shore”: you can explain in advance which article is a short note and which is a detailed lecture on the topic.
    Morphology complianceMorphology compliance
    One clean entry + 1 diluted. It is desirable that the key queries be in the heading and subheadings of the text, as well as in the first paragraphs of the material. In addition to exact occurrences, you need to use synonyms and word forms, as well as combine key queries with each other. Each key request must be present in one form or another in the text at least 2 times. Placing the same key request in two paragraphs in a row is prohibited. Separation of passages with commas and unions is allowed.I see this phrase in every TK, I know it by heart and for fun I read every time with a new intonation.
    What you need to convey to a copywriter: a text that meets this requirement should not resemble the work of Victor Frankenstein, and key queries should not be ulcers in your warm literary masterpiece. It is easy to weave exact and inaccurate occurrences into the text - a skill that ultimately determines the skill of an SEO copywriter.
    The presence of thematic wordsThe presence of thematic words
    It is important that the text contains not only key queries, but also thematic terms similar to them, for example, if you have a text for the query “site optimization”, then it must necessarily contain the words “ranking factors”, “organic output” .I would take this point to the very beginning - at that stage when the copywriter should spend several hours or days diving into the subject. Successful completion of the stage guarantees the appearance of thematic words in the text.
    For 1000 words - 1 list + 1 pictureFor 1000 words - 1 list + 1 picture
    This shows the search engine robot that you have diverse and structured content, which means that you add not just a canvas of text for promotion, but take care of your visitors. In addition, unique illustrations also participate in promoting the site in the categories of Yandex Images and Google Images.A picture is a reasonable requirement: a modern reader is not able to read 500 characters without a picture. Let TK contain recommendations for choosing an image: a photograph or illustration, a graph or a demotivator, a press portrait or a reportage photograph.
    Lists are a moot point. Make it clear to the copywriter that this list should be very useful to the reader, perhaps it will be copied or sent to a friend. Otherwise, the list will look like a list attempt.
    Work with stop wordsWork with stop words
    Avoid popular phrases and introductory constructions that are not analyzed by search engines when indexing texts and ranking sites. This includes all service parts of speech, introductory structures, etc. The maximum permissible content of stop words is 30%.It’s great when cars and people understand each other. Ideally, the stop word concentration bar can be lowered to 10-15%, because most of them are not only search, but also information noise. And almost always give the text a smack of bureaucracy.
    Natural linkingNatural linking
    Optimizers ask you to use phrases for a good linking so that it looks as organic as possible. The ratio of anchor and non-anchor links is 1: 3.If the link is in place (from the point of view of the reader), then it is very unlikely that it will be boring or one-word. But if the text is written for a highly competitive topic, where each factor is important, it is better to ask the optimizer for a clear statement of work with a list of anchors.
    Originality of the textOriginality of the text
    It is difficult to write something fundamental about a dress for a huge catalog or car tires. Therefore, in exceptional cases, a minimum originality of the text of 75% is allowed. For everything else - 90%.The more the copywriter thinks about the text, the higher the percentage of originality of the text becomes. You can almost always find a new approach or presentation - there would be time and payment. By the way, non-original parts (modifications, specifications, manufacturer's notes) can simply be closed from indexing.

    This article also has a picture and a list, and when you fill it out, you will have a working, understandable and clear statement of work, which will simply evaluate the result.

    1. The site and its page for which the text is written. It is desirable to highlight the main differences of the company from competitors, strengths and positioning features. If necessary, provide the worst and best examples from the industry.
    2. Type of text: selling, informational, entertaining. Goals: sales, comments, reposts and likes, increased interest in other sections of the site, etc.
    3. Theme of the text.
    4. The tasks that the text should solve: give an idea of ​​the company, talk about the service, instruct on the use of the goods, advise, etc.
    5. The division of content into blocks. It’s great if you can prescribe the approximate structure of the future text: leads (and their number, if you need different eyeliners for announcements outside the site), key theses of the main part, a call to action.
    6. Emphasis on uniqueness. Ideally, of course, 100%, but the subjects are different. So, for example, what can be written fundamentally new about starters? In such cases, lower the bar to 75%. To check the uniqueness, I recommend the Yazzle program or the content-watch.ru service.
    7. The volume of the text is a certain critical threshold, above which it is impossible to slide objectively above or below.
    8. Key phrases - how, where and how many times should be used. After submitting the text, the optimizer must check it for TK, so ask copywriters to highlight or underline the occurrences of key queries so that it is more convenient to count and verify the correct use.
    9. Mandatory addition of text to the program from Yandex “Original Texts” before posting on the site. This is a small guarantee that authorship will be assigned to you. After posting, make a link to the text in G +, thereby confirming the authorship in the eyes of Google.

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