New opportunities to break into the top Facebook on iOS

    Facebook has recently released a new set of tools aimed at giving users more control over their own news feed.

    This new feature is truly a boon for small businesses, media, artists, or brands that might get lost on Facebook. Previously, the only way to ensure that the post was viewed was through likes, so you had to invest in landing pages, ads, which, as a result, now becomes less valuable over time.

    Users can now categorize fields and pages in their news feeds into 4 different priorities : priority for displaying (whom to display first), for followers, whose posts need to be hidden and explore new pages.

    At the moment, users have the opportunity to choose which post they want to see first when launching the main Facebook page on their iOS devices, and soon this feature will also appear for other browsers.

    For brands, this is a new and powerful feature to gain an advantage when using this social network. Following their previous update of the news feed, now Facebook provides a way for its users to circumvent their complex algorithm and simply say “I really want to see more about it”, meaning to want to use the news feed in the form in which it will be most convenient and personalized for each user. This update for brands will mean the need to regulate their SMM marketing strategies to encourage users to add their pages to rebuild their social content. Brands should encourage the user to take an action, engaging him with interesting content and ruining it with the final CTA-action, including social posting.

    It is noteworthy that to remind users of the opportunities to see more on Facebook posts, the blue star is located above the priority posts in your feed.

    A new option allows users to select 30 news update accounts that appear first in your news feed. Posts that are excluded from the news feed will be grouped together, with two that remain visible and the option to see other posts on Facebook, which correspond to the preferences of your account.

    While in the top 30 on the Internet during the days of Myspace, they choose an exclusive brand, invite only those who saw the first messages to access, because users think: “I wonder what is happening on Facebook?”.

    A new ability for 1.44 billion Facebook users: not only messages, but whole accounts as priorities, users start brands and marketers excited by the idea to build their social audience.

    And why not? This is a chance for them to bypass the algorithm for selecting news in the feed by popularity, increase profitability, recording an increase and activity. It is quite acceptable to ask for likes and reposts on Facebook, which means that asking to share material will be redundant.

    People make new friends and find new pages for likes, but most likely they will not spend their time watching their news feeds.

    With the base of its users, the social network Facebook itself is growing extremely fast. And, focusing on their users, this new feature for marketers enters the game directly as the value of reducing the role of likes themselves. Competition of achievement and interaction in social platforms continues to intrigue the minds of marketers.

    When less time was spent on the feed, the pages fought for comments on Facebook. Now, social media managers have a new way to build interaction with consumers and achieve likes and involvement in the brand’s life. It did not go unnoticed as other marketing strategists are launching new campaigns for the coveted blue star. BYYD • Mobile Advertising Platform

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