Facebook Announces 3rd Quarter 2015 Results

    Facebook revenue in the third quarter of 2015 amounted to $ 4.5 billion, although analysts had expected a figure of 4.37 billion. 1.55 billion users visit the social network every month, of which 1.01 billion visit Facebook every day. During the year, the daily audience grew by 17%.

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    In the Asia-Pacific region, 437.1 million people use Facebook. 102.3 million users live in Central Europe, 163 million in Eastern Europe. In North America, 175.6 million.

    As a percentage of the total number of Internet users, Facebook is most popular in Latin America, where 66.4% of all network users access Facebook. In North America, the figure is 60.8%.

    CFO David Wayne said that mobile devices remain the driver of audience growth. 1.4 billion people enter the social network every month from mobile gadgets, of which a billion from Android smartphones.

    Every day, 894 million users use Facebook from their mobile devices. 727 million people use the social network only from mobile. Audience growth is also due to Facebook entering emerging markets.

    The application Facebook Lite, designed for not the fastest tariff plans and not the most powerful smartphones, is already used by fifty million users every month. Growth is due to penetration in Africa and India. The Internet.org program , aimed at penetrating the Internet to the least developed countries, has brought more than 15 million people to the network in 29 countries.

    Facebook still wants to go to China, where the service is blocked. Mark Zuckerberg already shows results in language learning - hedelivered a speech in Chinese at Tsinghua University in Beijing .


    In April 2012, Facebook announced the purchase of Instagram for one billion dollars. By the end of March 2012, thirty million people were using the service, and in the third quarter of 2015 its audience was four hundred million users. People send eighty million photos a day.

    Facebook bought WhatsApp in February 2014 for nineteen billion dollars. In September this year, the number of monthly users surpassed the nine hundred million mark.

    Seven hundred million people use Facebook Messenger, which split off from Facebook in April 2014. In September 2015, Messenger took second place in the ranking of applications for smartphones, ahead of Youtube. Through Messenger, users send nine and a half million photos every day.

    The company during the call made it clear to the investor that Messenger and WhatsApp will not be profitable for Facebook. The company's financial director David Uener said that at the moment the company is interested in growing the audience of applications, and the financial side is not yet the main one.


    Social video

    Facebook videos are gaining eight billion views per day, watched by five hundred million people. You can make sure that such a result is possible: the videos in your feed are automatically turned on, and Facebook considers the fact that the video was turned on for three seconds for viewing.

    Facebook needs video because advertisers pay more for video ads than for banners.


    Mobile devices have become a driver not only of audience growth, but also of revenue growth. Facebook’s revenue from mobile advertising accounted for 78% of all $ 4.5 billion in revenue, up 66% from last year and breaking last quarter's record at 76%. Facebook revenue from ads on personal computers decreased by 8%.

    A social network costs more than three hundred billion dollars.

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