Provincial SALE for an online store and more

    Geography of customers after a year of sales.
    If the company does not develop, then it will inevitably slide into the "abyss".
    Following this simple logic, I always think how to improve the service and sell more in the online stores of my customers. Having enough time and a good budget, I decided to experiment with promoting the products of my client. How it was and what came of it, read under the cut.

    To begin with, I want to clarify the situation with the online store, it sells goods of our own production (clothing), as well as products from third-party manufacturers.
    It so happened that the store sells very well to small wholesale customers, but to large ones, as it weren’t. This may be good, production is 100% loaded, and the profit is greater from small wholesale than from large sales. Also, the client does not have a full sales department, that is, a girl who processes customer requests from the site, mail and phone does not count. Plus, the girl who is responsible for invoicing and sending goods can also not be considered a seller in my opinion.
    I thought it was high time to form such a department, since there is not much experience in this, I decided that I had to try everything on myself and then train a new employee.

    Start. Cold calls.

    I was the first to choose this method of attracting customers because it is easier for me to communicate with people by phone than to send the same type of “spam” offers by e-mail. The first problem is where to get the base for dialing; for this, the base of 2GIS organizations went very well. I chose a neighboring regional center, drove keywords into the search, I got a list of potential customers, carefully selected customers (I looked at their sites, read reviews on the network). Then I created a tablet, prepared a proposal text and a letter template for sending to an interested client with more detailed information about the product and working conditions.

    First calls

    The first few clients helped to understand what needs to be added to the speech, they began to ask those questions that I did not expect to hear, but knew the answers to them well. After that, I made corrections to the speech of the appeal and began to ring up further. After 12 calls, I had 9 offers sent by mail, and a completely new appeal for customers. I concluded that you need to listen to the client, he will tell you the right words for you to sell better.
    By the end of the day, 24 calls were made and 17 letters were sent. After that, I decided to wait for a back reaction to the letters and see the result. The next day, there were 2 feedback letters from new customers, and the first sales were held in good amounts. The next two days gave another 5 return letters and the same 2 sales. Summing up the results of one day of working with cold calls, I can say that this method works.
    Choose a better base for calling, constantly consider the feedback from the client, this will accelerate sales.
    That was my first, but not the last step on the road to creating a sales department.
    To be continued.

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