The future in 100 years through the eyes of an economist


    “History teaches us that it is very difficult to predict the development of mankind even 20 years in advance, and politicians and analysts do it the worst. One reason for this is in an attempt, instead of exploring the challenges and needs of humanity, to simply “continue” existing trends. Challenges and needs are studied by economists - this is their job.


    What economists think about the next 100 years has become the topic of conversation. In particular, they talked about why the Dow Jones will be above a million, China will never catch up with America, about four new drivers of the economy, and about the post-nuclear balance. We talked about obsolete words, such as “company office”, “currency”, “public information” and outdated ones - “property”, “bank”, “reporting”, “media”, “paper”, etc. ”- A. Movchan

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