Data Insight: - the largest online store for Runet

    Data Insight specialists published a rating of the largest Russian online retailers. When ranking companies, such criteria as revenue were used, Vedomosti writes . auto parts store was on the 1st place in the list, the turnover of this company is 35.4 billion rubles. It is interesting that earlier this company also fell into similar ratings, but is in first place for the first time. Last year, The Secret of the Magazine put this online store in fifth place.

    Data Insight worked with Ruward on the Ecommerce Index Top 100 to compile the ranking. The sources of information for the rating are very different, both official data and unofficial ones are used. Now, when working on the rating, Data Insight took into account only gross sales with VAT from distance orders via the website or mobile application. Orders through terminals were not taken into account.

    As for the seller of spare parts, this company is the largest in Russia, it owns a large number of branches in the regions. works with many car brands. Interestingly, due to the growth of the dollar against the ruble exchange rate, spare parts for foreign cars grew in price, and this helped to increase revenue.

    The company was founded in 1999. currently has about 1,000 partners. “Every day, the order system serves more than 300,000 visitors, and more than 50,000 orders from an assortment exceeding 60 million offers are executed,” the online retailer’s website says.

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