There is an opinion: MTS may become part of Vodafone, which now operates the MTS Ukraine division

    Mobile operators MTS and MTS-Ukraine signed a rebranding agreement. Now, on the territory of Ukraine Russian operator will operate under the brand of the Vodafone , reports "Interfax". 100% of the MTS Ukraine company belongs to the Russian Mobile Telesystems PJSC. However, MTS Ukraine does not belong to the Russian operator directly, but through Preludium BV registered in the Netherlands and Luxembourg's Allegretto Holding.

    In this country, Vodafone will launch new services in the coming months - roaming, international and long distance calls, package tariffs. As MTS Ukraine CEO Oleg Prozhivalsky stated today, after changing the brand, roaming tariffs in 14 European countries will be available to Ukrainians, comparable in price to roaming rates for subscribers within the EU. Special international rates will also be offered for 62 countries.

    In addition, the operator plans to develop a 3G network. Vodafone will gain a strong position in the Ukrainian market from the very beginning, as MTS provided the basis for a high-quality 3G network, said Stefano Gastaut, Vodafone affiliate program manager. Vodafone's technological solutions and activities will positively impact the country's economy, said Oleg Prozhivalsky.

    The fact that MTS plans to abandon its brand in Ukraine became known in July. According to the interlocutors of the newspaper, the refusal of MTS to work under the old brand was associated with low sales and anti-Russian sentiments in society. At the same time, Vodafone was discussed as the main contender for the replacement. Vodafone works in this way with operators in 13 countries in Europe and Australia. In addition, Virgin was considered as a replacement .

    MTS notes that more than 20 million subscribers in the country are connected to MTS-Ukraine. Earlier it was reported that from March 2014 to December the number of MTS Ukraine subscribers decreased from 21.7 million to 20.2 million.

    Vodafone is a British telecom operator, operating since 1991. The first partnership agreement MTS and Vodafone signed back in 2008, then the contract was extended. The companies also jointly purchase network and subscriber equipment.

    A top manager of a telecommunications company, familiar with MTS plans, calls such a deal “soft entry” into the business. “First, Vodafone will bring the business processes in the company in line with its standards, and after a while, the second stage of the transaction, the acquisition, should take place,” he says. According to this interlocutor, the British holding applied this procedure for entering the market in other countries. But there were cases when the second stage did not reach, reports

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